Math = Love: Five Random Facts

Monday, September 15, 2014

Five Random Facts

The contents of this post have nothing in common.  This is just me being random.

Random Fact #1: Even though I've lived on my own for a few years, using a hammer to hang things on the wall of my house still makes me feel independent.  This weekend, I had a few things that needed to be hung up.  I hung up my hexagonal pot holder on the wall in my kitchen.  This could be considered art, right?

I hung up some flower pictures in my bedroom.  We're going to pretend these are perfectly straight and level.  Let's just say I never measure before hammering in the nails to hang stuff.  It drives my mom crazy.  Hanging these required playing musical chairs with two other pictures on the wall.  

I hung a wreath over these hooks by my front door.  My sister told me the placement of the wreath was "interesting."  How am I supposed to know where to hang a wreath if I've never owned one before???

And, an obligatory selfie to round out the experience.

Random Fact #2:  I got a new laminator!  The summer before I first started teaching, I heard @druinok talking about purchasing a laminator.  If she buys something, I know it something I've got to have.  So, I bought one, too.  #BestPurchaseEver.  I used my Purple Cow Laminator A LOT.  I paid less than $30 for it from Amazon, and I have not regretted that purchase.  It laminated hundreds upon hundreds of pages for me.

This summer, I killed my laminator.  It wasn't the laminator's fault.  Total user error.  I turned on the laminator to warm up.  Then, I got side tracked.  When you buy a laminator, they tell you to never use it for more than two consecutive hours.  By this, they also mean, don't accidentally leave your laminator on for 24+ hours.  Oops...  I guess I got really side tracked.  When you leave the laminator on for that long, it starts to melt the parts inside.  Yeah.  Not good.

So, I ordered me a new laminator.  Amazon was having a sale on this Scotch Thermal Laminator.

I took it out of the box today to laminate some of Cindy Johnson's conic cards for my Algebra 2 classes.  This laminator is a thing of beauty!  It's quiet, and I think it might be a bit speedier than my previous Purple Cow.

Random Fact #3:

I can't wait to show this new brain teaser to my students.  My mom picked up this toy at a thrift store recently for me to share with my students.  The goal is to get the plastic ring off.  It looks impossible, but it's not.  I'm curious to see if any of my students will be able to figure it out.  This will make a perfect task for Brain Teaser Thursday.

Random Fact #4:

Students give you the weirdest stuff.  "Ms. Hagan, I brought you a water bottle."

Thanks?  I did use the water to water my plants in my classroom that I had been neglecting...

Random Fact #5:

My pink cabinet finally has labels!  :)  These make me happy.  Now, I just need to label everything else in my classroom!  Some day I will be organized...

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  1. I have that laminator and LOVE it. My newest laminating discovery is legal-sized laminating pouches- I don't have to feed as many sheets through the laminator any more, which is amazing!

    1. Great idea! I'll have to order some of these ASAP!

  2. I have that laminator and it turns off by itself if its been on too long! It's perfect because I get sidetracked just about every five minutes :)

    1. This is going to be an AMAZING feature! Thanks for letting me know!