Math = Love: Friday Letters

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Friday Letters

Last Friday was the 3rd Friday of the 2014-2015 school year.  School started on a Thursday, so I didn't expect to get any Friday letters that first Friday.  The second Friday, I reminded my students about the opportunity to write Friday letters, but I only ended up receiving one.  This past week, I didn't remind my students, but I did end up with a handful of letters to respond to.

I'm not doing bellwork this year, so I'm not giving my students any extra incentive to write me a letter.  Still, some are taking advantage of the fact that my red "mailbox" is out all week on the window sill.

Here's my latest pile of letters.  None were super long, but they all made me smile.

This one especially made me smile.

I'm glad to know that my slight feistiness is approved of...

Last year, I bought these cute animal cutouts at Dollar Tree.  I thought I would make some type of bulletin board out of them, but it never materialized.  I've been using these to write my responses to students on.  Cause who wouldn't want their note written on an adorable turtle or lady bug?!?

So far, I'm LOVING Friday letters.  Thanks Rebecka for the inspiration!


  1. Did I see that you're not doing bell work this year? Me too! How is that going for you? So far I haven't missed it and I like having the extra 5-10 minutes for my lesson. I haven't started Friday letters yet. I think I am afraid of how many I will get, but this post makes me feel like it might be more manageable than I think.

    1. Right. No bell work. My first year, my students LOVED bell work. They came in the room, grabbed a dry erase board, and eagerly tackled the problem. Last year, it was such a hassle to get kids to do the problem. I decided I just don't want to fight that battle this year. So, instead, I've just been making them get all of their supplies before the bell rings for that day. We just jump right into the lesson. Glad to hear that jumping straight into the lesson is working well for you, too!

      I think I would get more letters if I gave them the letter option in lieu of something else. But, most of my kids are very vocal and share stuff with me, so they don't really need the option to write a letter. One of the things that comes with working at such a small school is that everybody knows everybody, and that makes them very free with their opinions. That carries over into their relationship with me as well. Still, I want that communication option to be there if someone needs it.

  2. Hey Sarah. I've also started doing Friday letters this year. Next Friday will be the first Friday that the students will have the opportunity to partake in the activity, so we'll see how it goes. But what a novel idea! Looking at your mailbox, I'm so jealous. Wait until you see mine! I covered a cardboard box with paper in less than 5 minutes. The kids died laughing when they saw it. it's purposeful though. :D I'll post about it in the next couple of weeks with photos.

    1. Brian, you should DEFINITELY post photos! Can't wait to see it!

      (And, I can't take any credit for my mailbox. I asked my parents if they had an old mailbox laying around their house that I could have. I figured I would spray paint it a bright color or something. My asking was basically giving my parents permission to take over the project and make me the perfect mailbox for my classroom. My mom bought the file box at a thrift store, and my dad painted it. My sister even picked the paint color.)