Math = Love: Show and Tell

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Show and Tell

I miss the days of show and tell at school.  I honestly can't remember ever bringing anything for show and tell, though.  Surely I did.  Maybe I don't remember because I always brought boring stuff for show and tell.  Others would bring their pets.  I remember when one of my 2nd grade classmates brought her hermit crab to school.  Who can compete with that?!?  Anyhow, today I'm going to SHOW you some pictures that I took recently and TELL you about them.  Earth-shattering, right?  :)

Soon, you may be wondering, "Why is Sarah showing me all these random pictures and telling me about them?"  Well, this post is my attempt at procrastinating on my homework for my grad school class.  You're welcome.

The other day, a student stopped by my room after school to say hi/hangout until her mom arrived to pick her up.  She was in my Algebra 2 class last year.  When she asked me about my day, I said it was good.  She replied that "It's always a good day if you can do a math problem!"  When I told her that I needed a poster that said this, she made me one.  :)

She was also impressed by my Desmos t-shirt.  When I turned around to show her the back, she decided we should graph the equation to see if it really made a heart.  Not realizing the irony of her actions, she picked up a TI graphing calculator and started typing in the equation.  It didn't work.  I suggested that we graph the equation on Desmos instead.  It worked!

In other news, one of my trig students thought she would be cute and put "Jesus is the answer" on their special right triangles quiz.  It took me a few days to come up with a proper response.

Another good thing that happened?  I got 2 new free math posters in the mail!  I'm super excited to look into these curve stitching resources from AMS!

I learned what the word "bae" means.

Some of my students judged me for drinking out of a juice box.  #sorrynotsorry

We did a project in trig involving lids, paper, and pipe cleaners.  My kids took the leftover pipe cleaners and made things like diamond rings and handle bar mustaches.  Yes, I do teach high school...

The student who made the ring decided the ring needed a box.  Isn't her box lovely?

Another one of my students decided this is the tattoo I should get.  I'm not getting any tattoo EVER but especially not this one.

Want to get lots of questions?  Raid your kitchen of every circular lid you can find and place them on a desk at the front of the classroom.

Days when your odometer reading is a palindrome are the best.

My students have finally realized that I own quite a bit of mathematical jewelry.  When I don't wear something mathematical, I get questioned about it.  My sister got me this new necklace with three right angles on it.  Love it!

She also got me this circle necklace. :)

After talking about it for three years, my student council students finally got themselves organized and got t-shirts made up.  I took 18 students to our district student council meeting two weeks ago.  We looked very sharp wearing our matching t-shirts!

When your students beg to get out the red, yellow, and green cups, this sometimes happens.

My new Einstein poster came in the mail.  Yay.  It won't stay attached to the wall.  Boo.

Okay, I guess this is enough procrastination for now.  Back to finishing my homework assignment... :)


  1. Have you tried Poster Putty? I found some at Target. Or maybe it was Walmart. I don't know. But it works like a charm!

  2. But I still don't know what bae means! Help!

  3. Oh my gosh! Our students must have the same ideas. I got the answer "Jesus is always the answer" on a quiz last week. The only way I could think to respond was "Yes He is, but just answer this question" haha.
    Bae means different things depending on who you talk to. "Before anyone else" is one, and then it's lazy for babe or baby.

  4. My D-I-L went to a Catholic high school. When they got stuck on geometry proofs, the would write in the Reason column "and then a miracle happened."

  5. How did I miss this post! My advanced kids are answering tough problems like that, too! Totally one of those things where you have to think about your response, because saying, "Jesus isn't the answer," just sounds so sacrilegious, not to mention exactly what they're waiting for. Sillies. :)