Math = Love: Algebra 1 Learning Goals

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Algebra 1 Learning Goals

This was my first year implementing SBG (Standards Based Grading) in all of my classes. I had used it for a unit or two last year in Algebra 2. As the year wraps up, I'm ready to start reflecting on what worked and what didn't and how I plan to proceed for next year. But, before that I think I should share the learning goals I created for my students. So, for the next few days, I'll be sharing these learning goals here on my blog.

Are they perfect? Definitely not!!! I wrote goals for all three of my preps over the course of about a day and a half. Let's just say I kinda decided at the last minute to do SBG. But, I know that I benefited by looking at other people's learning goals online. So, I hope that this helps someone out.

Algebra 1 Learning Goals2014-2015

Unit 1 - Relations and Functions
I can label the parts of the coordinate plane.
I can correctly graph ordered pairs.
I can represent a relation four different ways.
I can classify a relation as a function/not a function and justify my answer.
I can classify variables as independent and dependent.
I can evaluate a function using tables, equations, or graphs.
I can graph a function on the coordinate plane.

Unit 2 - Linear Functions
I can identify the four types of slope.
I can find the rate of change given a graph, a table, or a set of points and interpret its meaning.
I can classify a set of data as linear/non-linear and justify my answer.
I can identify the slope, x-intercept, and y-intercept from a graph, table, equation, or set of points.
I can graph horizontal and vertical lines and recognize their equations.
I can develop the equation of a line given slope and y-intercept, slope and one point on the line, two points on the line, x-intercept and y-intercept, or a set of data points.
I can rewrite a linear function in a given form.
I can construct lines that are parallel, perpendicular, or neither parallel nor perpendicular to a given line.

Unit 3 - Inequalities and Systems of Equations
I can solve a system of linear equations by graphing.
I can solve a system of linear equations by elimination.
I can solve and graph simple inequalities in one variable.
I can solve and graph compound inequalities in one variable.
I can graph and interpret the solution of inequalities in two variables.

Unit 4 - Polynomials and Expressions
I can name polynomials according to their degrees and numbers of terms.
I can use exponent rules to simplify expressions.
I can add, subtract, and multiply polynomials.
I can factor the GCF out of a polynomial.
I can factor quadratic trinomials.
I can simplify rational expressions.

Unit 5 - Absolute Value Functions
I can define absolute value and identify the absolute value of a number.
I can evaluate expressions involving absolute value.
I can graph absolute value functions.
I can predict the effects of transformations on the absolute value parent graph.

Unit 6 - Radical Expressions
I can simplify radicals.
I can add and subtract radicals.
I can multiply radicals.
I can rationalize the denominator of a fraction.

Unit 7 - Algebraic Problem Solving
I can translate between written expressions and algebraic expressions.
I can solve linear equations for x.
I can solve literal equations for a given variable.
I can use algebra to solve problems.


  1. I remember that when I was teaching algebra 1, algebraic problem solving was the first unit we covered (though most of the students had done some solving for x in prealgebra). Did you find doing it last worked better? Was it difficult to teach the other topics without students having this knowledge?

    1. I'm not sure if it worked better or not. I wanted to jump into something at the beginning of the year that didn't seem as much like review. I was hoping that the algebraic problem solving skills were things they had learned in 8th grade and we just needed to quickly review before our end-of-instruction exam.

      I think I will probably put these back at the beginning of the course for next year, though.