Math = Love: Algebra 2 Unit 4 INB Pages (Sequences and Series)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Algebra 2 Unit 4 INB Pages (Sequences and Series)

Today, I'm posting Unit 4's INB pages for Algebra 2.  Yes, I realize I'm posting these out of order.  I'm becoming less and less of a perfectionist about these things.  And, I'm not sure if this is good or bad.

This is a unit I want to do some serious revamping of this summer.  These pages have remained basically unchanged since I started teaching sequences and series.  I think my teaching has improved; now I need to come up with a way to improve my notes.

A couple of students suggested that I spend more time having them find values recursively before I ever give them formulas.  I think this is definitely worth considering!  I see the need for the formula.  Now, I need to get my kiddos to see the need for the formula.

Ideas for revamping this unit:

Sequence vs Series Card Sort - Some students seem to confuse the definition of series with the definition of arithmetic.  Fix this!

Arithmetic vs Geometric Card Sort - Students must determine whether to solve for r or d!

Solve Two Ways - Make a notebook page where students have to solve for a certain term or sum recursively AND using the formula.

Word Problem Practice - Put more word problems and their worked solutions in our notebooks!  Students seem to struggle with determining arithmetic vs. geometric from a story problem.

Dice - Have students generate their own sequences somehow.  Roll a die.  This is a sub one.  Roll the die again.  This is a sub two.  If this sequence is arithmetic, continue it.  If this sequence is geometric, continue it.

Table of Contents:

Frayer Models:

Arithmetic Sequence and Series Formulas:

Geometric Sequences and Series Formulas:


  1. where can I find the pdf file for the arithmetic formula foldable?

    1. All of my files can be found here: