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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thank You!

To all the teachers out there reading this blog post, thank you.  Thank you for all the hard work you put into your job day in and day out.  Thank you for going to work each day and putting your heart and soul into what you do with no guarantee of receiving even a simple thank you.  I am a product of all the teachers I have been blessed to have in my own life, including my first and most loyal teachers: my family.

I was recently contacted by a company called Feeln.  I was a bit skeptical until I learned that Feeln is a division of Hallmark.  As a kid, one of my favorite memories is setting down on the couch with my family to watch the Hallmark Hall of Fame movies when they came on television.  My mom would pop popcorn and make milkshakes for everyone.  The movies would make us laugh and cry.  They were inspirational, feel-good movies that my entire family loved.

Founded in 2007 by Academy Award winning Producer Rob Fried, Feeln is a subscription video on demand service showing films that move, inspire and delight audiences of all ages. Subscribers enjoy a wide variety of content, including award winning films, Hollywood blockbusters, Feeln Original Short Films, and Hallmark Hall of Fame® movies. Feeln is available online; on stream-to-TV devices including Roku, AppleTV, and Xbox; and on mobile phones and tablets.

In exchange for telling all of you about this service, Feeln gave me the chance to check out some of their movies for free.  I was excited to see many Hallmark Hall of Fame movies listed I hadn't thought of in years.  Feeln is a curated collection of movies that are positive, clean, and inspirational. These are the movies that just make you smile to think about them.

In honor of National Teacher Appreciation Week, Feeln wants to offer you all a special offer: an annual subscription for only $11.99.  Follow this special link to sign up.  Enter promo code 0515BlogConnie.

Want to get a small taste of all that Feeln offers?  They want to let you watch one of their original short films for free.

Miss Connie's Last Day tells the story of a retiring preschool teacher who receives a surprise from her students. This short film (5:12) depicts the importance of appreciating teachers, that not only nourish the minds, but also the hearts of their students.

To all the teachers out there, you are appreciated!  

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