Math = Love: Things Teenagers Say Bonus

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Things Teenagers Say Bonus

I know I said my last Things Teenagers Say post would be the final one for the school year.  But, I just can't let these stick around in my draft folder until August.  Consider this a bonus TTS post.  :D

While playing Google Feud...  The question was: "What happens if you microwave..."  Students were supposed to finish the sentence with a commonly googled term.

Student 1: What happens if you microwave a cat?
Student 2: People microwave snakes more often than they microwave cats.


It actually smells like a classroom in here for once.


Student: Ms. Hagan, can I walk aimlessly around the school?
Student: But, there are no decorations in here.  I'm bored.


What about the abdominal snowman?

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