Math = Love: Things to KEEP 2014-2015 School Year

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Things to KEEP 2014-2015 School Year

Last year, I started the tradition of having my students reflect on things to keep, things to change, things to start, and things to stop.  Though, to make things simpler, we just call this "Keep, Change, Start, Stop."  I had my students fill out these forms a couple of weeks ago soon after they took their end-of-instruction exam for my class.  But, I just got around to typing up their responses.  Because there are a lot of them, I'm going to do this in 4 separate blog posts.  Today's post is all about what my students think I should keep doing in the future.

After I post all of my students' feedback, I will post my own list of what I plan to Keep/Change/Start/Stop next school year.

Download the Keep/Change/Start/Stop form here.

  • A/B/Not Yet Grading Scale 
    • Grading System  X5
    • Quizzes! :) 
    • Allowing us to redo papers X2
  • Interactive Notebooks X7
    • Not using books
    • The colorful notebooks
  • Origami X10
  • Day of the week activities (Witzzle Wednesday, Friday Funnies, etc.) X15
  • Classroom Decor
    • The posters X9
    • All the signs on the wall
    • Colorful room  X2
    • The awesome decorations X2
    • All the decorations
    • Growth mindset posters X2
    • What zone are you in?
    • Your vibrant decorations 
    • Your room looking the way it is
  • Ms. Hagan X2
    • Staying after school to help
    • How you teach X3
    • Your jokes
    • Being that awesome teacher that got an NPR interview
    • The way you help us
    • Being yourself
    • Teaching well X2
    • Being a math teacher
    • Your boyfriend
    • Being cool
    • Putting us on your blog 
    • Teaching the way you are right now
  • Classroom Management and Structure
    • Letting people sit where they want X2
    • The seat set-up
    • Individual work tables
    • Group work
    • Interactive learning
    • Using colors and games
  • Miscellaneous
    • Calculator
    • Nothing
    • WWSDS - that helped me a lot X2
    • PEMDAS
    • Whiteboards X4
    • Everything
    • Passing out candy X2
    • Games
    • Things Teenagers Say
    • Swimming
    • The fun things
    • Listening to music
    • Hands-on activities 
    • Singing


  1. Will you elaborate on or link me back to a post about...
    *Individual Work Tables
    *The Seat Set-Up
    *Using colors and games

    1. For most of this year, I had my desks in rows instead of groups of 4. I'm assuming (???) this is what my student meant by individual work tables? And, as many students liked the rows as hated the rows. So, I'm not really sure what to think about seating in my classroom.

      Colors, I believe, refers to our notebooks and color coding things. Again, not entirely sure what the student was referring to. They could also have meant the colorful wall decorations??? And, if you look in the right hand column, there is a games tag that will lead you to all of the games I've posted. Though, I think some students may refer to the "Day of the Week" activities as games.

      I want to tweak this feedback form in the future to get a little more specific (and hopefully helpful!) feedback.

  2. Thank you for posting this! I used it and the kids loved it. You are awesome!