Math = Love: Things to START 2014-2015 School Year

Monday, May 18, 2015

Things to START 2014-2015 School Year

I think this list of student recommendations to start may be the most helpful feedback from the survey.  There are a lot of things on this list I agree with.  I do not need to open a cat adoption home, though.

I do need to start going more in depth with the problems I give my students.  We need to take better notes over more in depth problems.  I need to spend longer on basic concepts before moving on.  I need to learn to just slow down.  A lot.  I need to come up with more interactive activities, especially for my Algebra 2 classes.

I also need to start being more strict.  I let students run the show way too often.  Classroom management is such a struggle for me.  I'm slowly getting better, but I still have so much to learn.  Obviously, my students think I need to feed them.  I was so surprised by how many students mentioned that on their surveys!

I've learned, though, from experience that picking too many things to change for a school year leads to nothing really sticking.  So, I need to think carefully about what changes are absolutely necessary for me to make for next year.

Things to START
  • Instruction
    • Going more in depth with the problems
    • Watching movies X7
    • Taking longer to teach things
    • Doing Activities 
    • Fun
    • Don't stop homework
    • Teaching slower X3
    • Group discussion
    • Explaining the lessons better
    • Having a review before every quiz
    • Using less cutouts in notebooks
    • In-class worksheets
    • Showing fun math videos
    • Using boards and markers more
    • Giving extra credit
    • Talking about calculators more
    • Taking more notes X2
    • Group Assignments
    • Doing more math games X5
    • No Homework
    • Using Phones
    • Using textbooks
    • Doing more class assignments
    • Being more interactive and fun
    • Putting stickers on our tests when we make an A. X2
    • Doing shorter assignments that are worth more points
    • Having a specific study hall after school once or twice a month
  • Ms. Hagan
    • Getting better jokes (HA)
    • Eating meat
    • Being nicer X2
  • Classroom Management and Structure
    • Letting us shoot ducks X2
    • Letting us leave class early for lunch
    • Being more strict
    • If someone is 2-3 minutes late, let it slide if it's not an everyday thing!!! X2
    • Working in groups
    • Putting us in groups.  I think we work better together.
    • Making people pick up after themselves
    • Using more discipline
    • Sending people to the office when they don't shut up
  • Grading System
    • A/B/C/D
    • Letting people make a C
    • Letting people make a C instead of just A or B
  • Miscellaneous
    • Pets
      • Get a new monkey
      • Having a class bunny
      • A cat adoption home
    • Music
      • Listening to Metallica 
      • Playing all kinds of music - preferably classic and modern!  
      • Playing music more often
      • Listening to music
    • Food
      • Having cookies on Fridays
      • Food once a month
      • Bringing cake
      • Bringing food
      • Having food for the class
      • Buying us cookies and cupcakes and donuts 
      • Giving out brownies
      • Giving away more candy
      • Having food every day
    • Doing more origami X5
    • Chillin
    • Fun Day Friday (Fun Stuff)
    • Doing more origami X2
    • Having nap time in class
    • Bean bags
    • Bad Things Fridays
    • Doing coloring sheets
    • Make your number line go to 100


  1. I like the idea of a end of the year survey, but I won't be teaching the same math course next year. I'm moving from Algebra I Recovery to Geometry. I did, however, did write a blog post about my teacher wish for next year. I would love for you to check it out and would love to know what things you want for your classroom.

  2. I put stickers on tests & quizzes when students earn 100%. You'd think high school students would think it's juvenile, but they get upset the one time you forget to give them a sticker.

    1. I think I definitely want to do this next year! I used to give out stickers all the time before I switched to SBG.

    2. You can also custom order stamps with your face on them (serious suggestion!!). Kids think it's hilarious, and they aren't expensive. Use them sparingly, like for those who earn 100, and the novelty will never wear off.


    3. I don't think I'd have the courage to do that. LOL :)