Math = Love: Things to STOP 2014-2015 School Year

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Things to STOP 2014-2015 School Year

Okay.  Last day of listing changes suggested by my students.  These are the things they think should STOP in my classroom.  These suggestions seem much less serious and more silly.  Now that I've worked through all of my students' advice, it's time to make a game plan for next year.  What do I really want to keep/change/start/stop?

A couple of things that struck me from typing out all of this student feedback:
* I'm so thankful for my junior high typing teacher.
* Writing it out really is more meaningful than just reading through it.
* The same things seem to show up on all of the lists.  I'll never be able to make every student happy.
* Students notice way more than I realize sometimes.

Things to STOP
  • Ms. Hagan
    • Being so gripy
    • Jokes
    • Being mean!  :(
    • Not collecting cats
    • Making me cry over math
    • Waiting to do grading until the last minute
    • Eating diet vegetables
    • Eating vegetables
    • Telling Ellen you don't watch her show X3
    • Telling Ellen the truth
    • Nothing! You are awesome!   X2
    • You do everything amazing.
    • Singing songs to help us learn until you get vocal lessons
    • Making bad jokes
    • I don't know what you should stop 
    • Funny jokes
    • Slacking on your info about your boyfriend
  • Instruction
    • Giving us homework everyday
    • Not playing games 
    • Work
    • Putting things in complicated language
    • Making up songs for math equations
    • Having to write so much in the notebooks
    • Quizzes
    • Notebooks
    • Homework
    • Not as many tests
    • Passing out homework
    • Finals and semester tests
    • Flashcards
    • Games
    • Projects
    • Giving us so much work X2
    • The find the homework in the back thing and start giving it to us if we ask for it.  
    • Doing work during origami time
    • Giving so many tests X2
    • Not letting us work in groups
  • Grading System
    • Failing people for just missing one question
    • A/B/Not Yet
    • Your grading system
  • Classroom Management / Rules
    • Asking people to take off their hats first thing in the morning
    • Taking my hat
    • Not letting us throw ducks in class
    • Not letting me sleep sometimes 
    • Not letting me leave for food
    • Taking out phones away
    • Taking attendance so early in class X2
    • The "no phones" policy
    • Handing out discipline slips
    • Ringing the bell
    • Letting people be so loud
    • Letting students take advantage of you
    • Being so nice to the students that are rude to you
    • Letting trouble makers sit next to each other
    • Turning on the air
    • Desks
  • ???
    • Polygon Things
    • WWSDS
    • Don't STOP believing
    • Killing cats
    • And live life to the fullest 


  1. I did this activity with my high schoolers earlier this week. Some of the comments I got to "STOP" I had no control over, like the hat thing. Anyways, I think it is a good activity for me to reflect on the year. The one thing that came of it is the kids LOVE notebooks this year, and I didn't have one say not to do it anymore.

  2. I am planning on a lot of changes for next year, but wanted to see what the kids thought. I used this today with my 7th and 8th graders. Like you, I also made a list and tallied what they said. So eye opening as well as inspiring. They LOVED their notebooks and foldables (new for me this year) and what I want to change for next year is what THEY want me to change for next year! How cool is that!

    Just wondering if you have a Word copy of this document, or something that is a little more editable. I'm thinking of sending it through our student information system to the parents of my students as well to see if I can get their perspective as well. Having it electronically might be very helpful and not everyone has an editable version of Adobe.

    Thanks so much!! I have used your site A TON this year!! You're inspiring, especially to an "old dog!"

    1. I don't have a word document, but I think I have uploaded an editable copy. Here's a link to all of my files: And, here's a link to the publisher copy of this file: