Math = Love: Algebra 2 Interactive Notebook Pages Galore

Monday, June 1, 2015

Algebra 2 Interactive Notebook Pages Galore

Unit 2 in Algebra 2 was a HUGE one!  Next year, I will definitely break this into tinier units for my sanity!  Like I've been saying in all of these posts, this year's notebook pages are a mix of old and new.  You should see some pages for the first time and others you've seen a million times before.

Check out my Algebra 2 learning goals for this year here.

I wanted to emphasize to my students that factoring isn't something to be afraid of!  By the time they get to Algebra 2, the distributive property is something they should hopefully be able to do in their sleep.  So, I wanted them to see that factoring out the GCF was just a way to undo the distributive property.

Link to download these pages will be at the bottom of the post, as usual.

This year, I taught factoring quadratics using the box method.  My students (and I) seem to appreciate the visual nature of this approach.

Inside of factoring quadratics foldable:

And, we used the boxes to divide polynomials.  This is the first year I feel like most of my students have had a firm grasp on dividing polynomials.  I need to write a blog post explaining this process.  I also need to come up with a way to make our notes show the process and not just the end result.  That's one of my goals for this summer!

(I've blogged about all of my radicals stuff before here and here.)

Prime and Composite Number Chart:

Birthday Cake Method for Prime Factorization:

Parts of a Radical:

Next year, I want to modify this to include the term coefficient!

Steps for Simplifying Radicals:

Operations with Radicals:

Rational Exponents and a Review of Fractions:

Note to self: we need a page or two of practice problems for rational exponents next year!

Fraction Review Foldable:


Simplifying Rational Expressions

Adding/Subtracting Rationals:

More Rational Notes:

Multiplying/Dividing Rationals

Complex Fractions:

Complex Numbers:


Logarithms Foldable:

(More Log stuff here and here.)


More Log Stuff:

Log Properties and Change of Base Formula:

Operations with Functions:

Composition of Functions Foldable:

Download files for these pages here.

Want to see pictures of all my interactive notebook pages?  Visit my pinterest board here.


  1. I'm intrigued by your area-model method for dividing polynomials. Please write that post! P.S. you're my math hero. I thought i was hot stuff. No, you are hot stuff. :-)

    1. Thanks Cate :) I promise. It's on my to-do list. (Though, there are a ton of things on that list...)

  2. Cancelling terms is KILLING me right now! What's the "cat"? I'd love something good to help them remember.

    1. Blogged about it here:

    2. I LOVE don't kill the kitten. Once I showed my kids that, I used it all year, and they knew exactly what I was talking about. (It may help that I'm a bit of a cat lady...)
      It got to the point where I'd start the sentence and one of my students would finish it, yelling not to kill the cat.

  3. I'll be teaching an Algebra I support class next year - Question: How do you deal with their notebooks getting super thick? Do you have them get a new one at the end of each quarter - or does it not get as thick as I'm anticipating? Thank you for sharing your awesome stuff so freely!!!! You're great.

    1. I've only ever used a hundred pages tops. I did give my students giant rubber bands to hold their notebooks closed.

  4. What's the paper airplane reference on the composition of functions page?

  5. Replies
    1. I just found it via a google search. I've long lost the link, though. :(

  6. Sarah am overwhelmed by your strategies of teaching. Is there anyway I can get a copy of that book and any othersuggestions. I'd really love to use it to teach my classes.

    1. Sorry it's a bit overwhelming! If you go to my pinterest page, I do try to put a picture of each page on there.

  7. Do you have your notes on teacher pay teacher?

    1. No. All of my resources are posted here on my blog for FREE!