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Friday, June 19, 2015

Bulletin Boards :D

Summer blog maintenance continues.  I'm trying to get stuff more organized so I can find it better and you can find it better!  Now that I've written over 500 posts, it seems like everything is super spread out and messy.

Last week's project was compiling all of my posters into a single page.  This week, I've compiled pictures of every single bulletin board I've ever created.  Here's a link to my bulletin board resource page.

I'm also working on ideas of how I want to decorate my classroom this upcoming school year.

Everything below this line is just me thinking out loud about how I want to decorate.  Feel free to ignore.

Decoration Ideas

Number Lines.  Everywhere.  One horizontal number line.  Two vertical number lines.  Make a huge blank number line on my dry erase board with tape.  

Dividing by Zero Posters from Elissa

Stick Person Function Figures.  Somewhere.  Maybe a bulletin board.  Title "Today I'm Feeling..." and label with descriptions (linear, quadratic, exponential, etc.)

Keep Calm and Combine Like Terms Poster

Math Symbols - I want my students to become familiar with symbols like factorial, therefore, etc.  This will go along well with my greek alphabet.

Pi Banners.  Because life needs more pi.

Convince Me.

Fractal Poster - A gift from a lovely reader!

6 P's - Be polite, prepared, prompt, productive, positive, and participate!

GRIT - with the letters cut out of sand paper.

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