Math = Love: End of Year Concept Maps in Algebra

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

End of Year Concept Maps in Algebra

I had my students complete concept maps about algebra at the beginning and end of the school year.  Here are their end of year reflections.  My commentary goes ABOVE each picture. :)

And, here's a link to their concept maps from the beginning of the year for comparison.

This year's focus on What Would Slope Dude Say in Algebra 1 was a definite keeper for the future!

Fastest Class :D

Disgust :(

More love for Slope Dude :D

I guess I should focus more on showing how algebra applies to real life...

Random moustache.

We never played chess.  I'm so confused by this one.

Factorials are thanks to Four Fours.  And, I do try to make my room quite colorful.

Are any of your kids obsesed with the number 21?  Stupid vine...

I wish there was a way to make math less stressful.  Or a way to show my students that math can be stressful in a good way.

Another mention of my classroom being colorful. :)

They better not be killing cats!

Why is NPR attached to my being a crazy cat lady???

I like that "hard working" is included even among more negative descriptors.


"Bain workout" makes me smile!

All things math.  That's my goal!  :)

I guess NPR made a definite impression on my students!

Ms. Hagan's voice.  I'm not sure what to make of that.

Hard quizzes.  My students claim I make the notes easy and the quizzes hard.  That's something I'm trying to work on this summer.

And, you can't do the quadratic formula without Pop! Goes The Weasel!

Witzzle for the win!

I like that this student made the effort to come in for help before school, after school, and at lunch even if I didn't find a way to make them love math.

E over I has changed teaching rational exponents forever.

Honesty hurts.  A lot.

Birthday cakes :)

We did deal with a ton of fractions.  And, I do love the box method for polynomials.  Their quadratic formula could use a little work, though...

Calculator steps for entering fractions.  Math.  Over.  Up.  Enter.  I only said this five million times.

This concept map makes me sad.

The best jokes.  See, someone likes my jokes.  ;)

Logic puzzles do make me happy.  And, free candy makes my students happy.

Apparently, I tell little kid jokes.  But, my students' alternative to my little kid jokes are racist jokes.  Not cool.

Origami :)

I guess not everyone likes logic puzzles...

Things teenagers say :D

More of the same concept map.  Apparently this student is stressed I won't follow him on twitter.


Ms. Hagan is on twitter.  I think it stresses my students out that I have more twitter followers than them.

Let's set the record straight.  Ms. Hagan owns ZERO cats.  ZERO.  ZERO.  ZERO.

I wouldn't let this student heat up ramen noodles during my class one day.  Why they felt a need to mention that, I'm not sure.

Easy sometimes.  Not always.

Famous math teacher.  :)

Grading scale is amazing.  I think so, too.

Notebooks = Fun.  I like that they pointed out things in their notebooks could be in their own words.  My students start customizing their notes as the year progresses, and it's an awesome thing to watch.

Awwww.  So sweet.

Calculator shortcuts are our friend!


  1. Thank you for all you do and for posting so many of your comments, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Thank you so much for your honesty. You must be so strong to do that, often we only hear the good, and think that perhaps that we are the only ones getting the bad and ugly. And that is bound to happen when you change things up and do something different in your class than others are doing. It is clear that you are making them think, and like it or not, they will know algebra well, and not just for the test, but for all time. What a gift that is! I too want everyone to love math, I mean, really, how can you not. ;)
    You are an inspiration to this old teacher. Please keep doing what you are doing.