Math = Love: My #MTBoS Blog Roll

Saturday, June 6, 2015

My #MTBoS Blog Roll

A little while back, I posted about starting over with my RSS reader subscriptions.  I switched from bloglovin to feedly, and I decided to start from scratch with the blogs I follow.  Some of you lovely people left me comments wanting to know which math teacher blogs are my favorites.  That's kind of a hard question to answer because there are so many amazing blogs out there with so many great ideas.  

I'm hesitant to post this list because I know I've missed a ton of great blogs.  This list is not my "favorite blogs" but is comprised of the first 25 blogs I thought to add to my feedly account.  Looking at this list, they almost all fall in the following categories: 

* teachers who live in the same state as me
* teachers I have met in person
* teachers I talk to regularly on twitter
* teachers who love interactive notebooks as much as me
* teachers whose blogs I started reading when I was still a high school student

I hope you find a new blog or two to follow!  And, if you want to post your must-read #MTBoS blogs (or provide a link to your own blog!), please do so in the comments.  :D  


  1. I follow most of these as well...but did find a new one or two! Thanks! Mine is I don't blog as often as I'd like!

    1. Glad you found a few new blogs to follow! I've really been enjoying your posts! I find it easier to blog during the summer, myself. Less distractions. :)

  2. I am overwhelmed that I made your list. Thank you so much Sarah! (Equation Freak)

  3. I am honored to be included on your list, Sarah! Love your blog. :)