Math = Love: Students Speak Out About Ms. Hagan

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Students Speak Out About Ms. Hagan

I had a ton of fun reading through my Algebra 2 students' letters of advice to next year's students.  As I was typing out the best snippets of their responses, I felt like I was reading through an edition of Things Teenagers Say.  These are my kids.  My funny, sweet, brutally honest, drive-me-crazy-but-I-love-them kids.  My Algebra 2 classes were something special this year.  That's probably because the majority of these kids were my first ever Algebra 1 students.  They were learning algebra at the same time I was learning to teach.  They've seen me grow as a teacher, and I've been able to see them grow as mathematical thinkers.  Our class periods were filled with lots of laughter, tons of math, and too many inside jokes to keep up with.  And, I get to continue the mathematical journey with quite a few of them in statistics next year.  I'm super excited about that.

Teaching in a small school (~150 kids in 9-12) definitely has its downsides.  But, the relationships I'm able to develop with my students as I teach most of them 2-3 times before they graduate is worth it.  So worth it.    

Because these students have known me much longer than my Algebra 1 students, their advice was more thought out and clever.  I want to give it the attention it deserves, so I'll be posting snippets of their advice over several posts instead of one super long post.  There is a special section at the bottom for student comments regarding my cat lady status and terrible joke telling ability.  Life as a high school teacher is hard...

Today: Students Speak Out About Ms. Hagan

Despite what other students may say, Ms. Hagan is a very good teacher and everything that she does is to help you.

I do advise that you make appropriate yet very hilarious pi jokes so that Ms. Hagan takes time out of her class to write it down and that gives you more time to talk to your friends and helps decrease depression caused by the previous classes of your dreadful day.

Be nice to everyone - especially Ms. Hagan.  Bring her lots of vegetables and compliment her cats.

Ms. Hagan is an amazing, great teacher.  That's why she was on NPR.

Be nice to Ms. Hagan.  She controls your grades.

Miss Hagan is one of the BEST teachers you'll ever have.  She is super funny if you pay attention to the comments she makes.

Ms. Hagan is pretty chill.  She's nice "most" of the time.  Stay on her good side like I was.  I never got in trouble.  And if you get on her bad side, you'll probably hate this class.

Pay attention and get involved in the lessons, and you'll do great.  Enjoy yourself!  Ms. Hagan makes math fun!

Miss Hagan's class is fun if you cooperate with her!

Ms. Hagan is the best math teacher we have ever had.  So, take advantage of what she teaches you.  She has her own unique way of teaching, and it really works.

Ms. Hagan is an amazing and fun teacher.  That is all.

Ms. Hagan is one of the best teachers in the world!  (She's been on NPR :) )  She's always willing to help her students before or after school and even on lunch break!  A lot of teachers aren't willing to do that...

Also, Ms. Hagan is one of the most sarcastic people I have ever met in my life and sassy!  Just remember to always pay attention and always respect Ms. Hagan because she's the most sweetest, thoughtful, caring, and the world's best teacher... <3

Make Ms. Hagan call Ellen back.  And, if she does, tell her to lie about how much she watches it.

Algebra II is a tough class, but Sarah makes it easy and fun.  I would have never thought I would pass the End of Instruction test, but with Sarah Hagan's professional help, I did.  Sarah Hagan's help is golden in this Algebra 2 class.

Ms. Hagan will always be willing to help her beloved, perfect, amazing students.

Hard work pays off.  She is always willing to be there to help you.  There is no excuse.  She will always tell you that you are doing good or will always be there to help you through it if you are struggling.  She gives the same amount of respect she gets.

Ms. Hagan is a really fun teacher, and she makes the class enjoyable.  The class does get overwhelming at times, but try not to worry so much and ask for help.  While in this class at the first of the year, I was freaking out thinking I was going to fail.  But, as the year went on, I stressed less and asked for help to keep up my grade.

Ms. Hagan makes this class easy even though it may not seem like it in the beginning.

She may be cranky, and it may not be fun everyday, but she cares and will help you with anything you need.

I have never loved math, but this year her math class was fun.  Still didn't love it, but it was interesting.

Her class is always bright and colorful.  Usually her room is organized, too.

She stays on track.

You need to be preapred when you come to class.  Ms. Hagan doesn't like it when you waste her time.  Don't disrupt the class either because Ms. Hagan will give you a piece of paper and send you out of the room.

Ms. Hagan is actually a cool teacher.  She does love math too much, but she is a good teacher and you will more than likely learn things in here.

Also, she hates being called by her real name.  But, if you wanna see her give the entire class a goofy look, you should call her Sarah.

If you can get her going on something she likes to talk about, you can waste a lot of time.  One good subject is Australia.

And her cats

She's a pretty cool cat.  (She has cats.  Don't let her lie to you.)  Cherish her, okay?

Algebra 2 is a very fun class.  You will enjoy being in here!  You will like this class because you can make fun of Miss Hagan  being a crazy cat lady, and she won't even get mad.

And for the sake of everyone in the class - nay - everyone in the world, please do not kill any amount of cats or Ms. Hagan will get very sad because she is a crazy cat lady and has many cats.  If you kill even one, she will slip into a deep dark depression.

Always ask Ms. Hagan about her cats.  She likes when you do.

Don't forget that Ms. Hagan is a cat lady.  So, if you're allergic to cats, just skip class because I'm sure there is cat hair everywhere.

P.S. Ask her about her cats.

And her jokes

Oh, and make sure you laugh at her jokes even if they are not funny. lol

If you guys have Friday Funnies, always laugh at Ms. Hagan's jokes, even if you don't think they're funny.  It makes her feel better.  (I actually like her jokes, though.  Please don't hate me.)

Do not say racist jokes.

If you want Ms. Hagan's joke to be funny, laugh really obnoxiously loud.  If not, then it will just be silence.

Although we complain about math, we all love her class, and she is one of the best math teachers I've ever had.  P.S. Her jokes suck.

Her Funny Friday jokes aren't really that funny.  But, if you laugh, she'll keep telling jokes.  Then, you won't have to do as much work.


  1. I love that being on NPR=amazing teacher in your students' minds!