Math = Love: Students Speak Out About Notebooks and Other Stuff

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Students Speak Out About Notebooks and Other Stuff

Okay.  This is the end of my Algebra 2 students' advice for future students.  I've broken it down into categories to make it a bit easier to digest and easier for me to reflect on.


If you know how to work the calculator, the class will be a piece of cake.

Graphing is a lot more fun because of the calculator.  One thing that does help you is you get to always use your calculator on your work and tests.

You really seriously entirely need to use a calculator.


If you do decide to copy off of someone, make sure that you copy their work also.  Ms. Hagan will check.

When you cheat, you gotta go all in.  Copy the work and everything, but make sure you get it from one of the smart kids.


Say funny things and you will make the twitter page.

Follow Ms. Hagan on twitter and retweet everything so that she will actually know you exist.

Take pride in the fact that our teacher is world-wide famous and make sure to brag about how famous she is on your own Twitter account.

Watch what you say in class, too, because you might end up on Ms. Hagan's blog.

Miss Hagan will tweet something you say, but she won't @ you.  P.S. Ms. Hagan, my twitter name is @XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Just in case you tweet me.  Hit me with a follow!

She's famous too, so she thinks she can like skip school or something because she is famous.  So, if she isn't here, that's why.  She's really not sick.

You have to be careful about what you say in her class because she will either tweet about you or send you out.


Buy a really good notebook so it will last all year.

You'll learn so much in Algebra 2!  It will be a lot to absorb, but with your notebook you should remember everything (if you keep up with your notebook).

Trust Ms. Hagan and all her crazy notebook pages.  They may not look like it, but they really do help you as long as you study.

You are probably going to hate the notebook.  A lot of us did.  I thought it was stupid, but it helps a lot.

Take good notes.  Make them to where you can understand what you need to know.

Write as many notes as you can because sometimes you can use them on the test, and it can be very helpful.

Be glad she does in class notes because they are really helpful (if there is enough detail).  They are good for studying and what not.

Ms. Hagan is good at teaching math and also at making it fun.  She doesn't use the textbook.  You make your own notebook that has better information than a textbook and is easier to remember.  Sometimes you even do origami and games on the smart board.

To be successful in this class, you need to pay attention everyday and always write your notes.  If you miss a day, make sure you can get your notebook caught back up and learn what you missed.  If you don't understand something, ask questions.  If you're feeling lazy one day, you should still write your notes because it's easy to get behind.

If you don't take notes, you won't learn anything in this class.  Notes might sound boring and sometimes they suck, but they do help you.

General Advice

Try your best to look like you enjoy the class.

Please try in this class or you will hate life for the whole year.

Tell Ms. Hagan that she should bring back Slope Dude in Algebra 2 instead of just leaving him in Algebra 1.

The worst possible thing for you to do is not pay attention in class.

You should always take this class seriously and provide Miss Hagan with your full attention.

She doesn't like it when people are talking while she is teaching, so try to stay away from that.

Complain when she gives you a quiz with problems that are 10 times harder than the ones she taught you.

Don't stress over the EOI.  It's an easy test if you pay attention in her class.

The advice I give to the next class is that you better be prepared to do a lot of math and having Ms. Hagan ring the bell to get you guys to be quiet.

Keep your phones up and pay attention because math is VERY confusing.  And, if you don't pay attention, you're going to be very lost because Ms. Hagan teaches very, very, very fast.

When you are doing conic sections, pay extra attention because they are just really confusing like every other part of math.  But, I mean it's just really confusing.  So pay attention.

The hardest thing to learn is conic sections.  They are frustrating, but you will understand them eventually.

You'll have some fun in this class, but most of the time you will do math.

Don't sit by people who will hold you back from learning.

Overall, it's a fun class that gets easier as the year goes on.

Sit at the front of the classroom.  It helps a lot more than you would think.

You should not talk while Ms. Hagan is teaching.  She hates that, and she'll send you out in the hall and make you write what you did wrong.

If you would like to truly succeed in Algebra 2, you need to sit in the back and not sit by anyone dumb.

Tip 1: If you're nice to Ms. Hagan, then she will be nice to you.
Tip 2: Always be prepared for class and prepare to learn something new about math.
Tip 3: If you're really not understanding the lesson too well, then she will be at school early in the morning so you can come in and get help or she will stay after school and help you understand it better than what you did before.
Tip 4: Keep good grades in the class because it's kinda hard to get your grades back up.  But, you can get them back up if you really work hard.
Tip 5: Ms. Hagan went to Australia this summer.  So, ask her about it and ask her to show you the pink lake.
Tip 6: If you get hot in the class, turn the AC on Turbo Cool, and don't let your classmates turn it off because it will feel like a sauna in the class.  So, keep it on and feel breezy.

When we write on the boards, you should bring your own marker and eraser because Ms. Hagan's suck.

Don't over think things because if you do, you'll get frustrated.  And, it's not as hard as you think it is.

Sit in the front of the class, especially if you don't understand math.


  1. It amuses me that kids would say to copy the work when you cheat. Don't they know you read these things and share them on your blog?

    To any of Ms. Hagan's students who might be reading this:
    you provide me with great amusement, but you should probably be glad Mrs. Hagan doesn't tag you specifically. Do you really want future employers/colleges to judge you by something you said in math class? They can look you up on Twitter, you know.