Math = Love: Words Worth Knowing Foldable

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Words Worth Knowing Foldable

So, going through old files has meant finding files I created and never used.  Oops...

Last summer, I had this great idea of having my students keep their own word wall in their notebooks.  I made a nifty booklet foldable.  And, that's as far as it got.

I titled it "Words Worth Knowing" and provided boxes to sort words by letter.  The idea was that each time students learned a new vocab word, they would log it in this foldable.  Then, when students couldn't think of a word they had learned, they could look back at the foldable to jog their memory.  It's the same idea as a word wall, but each student has their own individual copy.

Front/Back Cover of Booklet Foldable

Inside of Foldable
Full Honesty: I designed this, but I never printed it to test that it worked or printed properly.  Good luck!


  1. How do you fold this into a booklet? Would love to use with my students.

    1. It folds in half. Words Worth Knowing should be the outside front cover. The back cover should be blank.