Math = Love: Keep Calm and Combine Like Terms Poster

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Keep Calm and Combine Like Terms Poster

The idea for this poster is completely unoriginal.  In other words, I completely stole it from Annie Forest at Show Your Thinking.  When I saw her post a few months ago, I knew this had to find a place in my classroom decorations for the new school year.

I found a free Keep Calm maker online that lets you download the file as a PDF.  I will be uploading this PDF to the Staples Copy Center and have it printed as a giant engineering print for $2.  Then, I'll laminate it and hang it in my classroom.  When students freak out that a problem looks too complicated, I'll just point to the sign and remind them to keep calm and combine like terms.

Make your own at KeepCalmStudio or download the poster I made here.


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