Math = Love: Teaching Respect

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Teaching Respect

I've been staying busy the last few days with finishing up work for my second graduate class of the summer - Diversity in Education.  I'm missing my math based classes and looking forward to getting back to them as the school year starts back up.  Of course, I'm more excited about the fact that I'll be graduating in the spring!

Our last big assignment for this class was to create a video that sent the message that respecting diversity is important.  I looked at the example videos, and most of them were just quotes and images set to music.  I tried this approach, but I quickly got bored.  And, when I get bored with an assignment I stop doing it.  That's when I decided that I needed more of "me" in the video.  I wanted someone to be able to watch the video and think, "Sarah definitely made that!"  That's when I decided I would have the person watching the video make a foldable.  Yes, a foldable.  I know.  Very predictable.  And, very me.  :)

The video isn't perfect.  I started and finished it in a single afternoon.  If this was something I was actually going to use in class, I would need to make a lot of changes.  But, I feel proud of what I created for a random homework assignment.

Want to watch my creation?  I created the images using and the video using

Or, maybe you'd just like some images on respect (plus a few miscellaneous images, too) to use in some way?  The more generic images about respect, including a few quotes, are towards the bottom.  Hope someone is able to find this useful in some way.  Want to download higher quality images?  I've uploaded the originals to  


  1. That. Was. Awesome.

    You knocked that assignment out of the ballpark. Loved it.

  2. Wow. I am speechless. You always amaze me with your blog posts. This one was exceptional. Your students are lucky to have you.

  3. I LOVED this!

    Also, your blog looks wonderful :)

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  4. Please allow me to borrow to show during one of my advisement times. Excellent!!!

  5. Love. LoVe. LOVE the video and the whole concept behind it!

  6. Your video was awesome! LOVED IT!