Math = Love: Calculator Tutorials

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Calculator Tutorials

One good thing about #Teach180?  I'm tweeting every day.  I'm checking twitter every day.  I'm seeing new ideas to apply in my classroom every day.  And, the more I am involved on twitter, the more involved I feel in the MTBoS.

One bad thing about #Teach180?  I tweet about ideas long before I blog about them, then people go looking for them on my blog and can't find them.  Sorry guys!  I've received several e-mails in the past couple days asking for the calculator tutorials I tweeted.

I had each of my classes glue in a copy of the calculator buttons and a pocket to hold calculator tutorials in the front of our notebooks in the resource section.

I took the TI-30XS tutorials from materials in Guide for Teachers posted by Texas Instruments.  I formatted them to print 2 to a page.

I'm taking my statistics tutorials from Stats: Modeling the World.  I'm creating them as we go.

For Algebra 2, I'll probably be making them myself, but we really haven't used the graphing calculator yet for anything but basic computation.  That's by design.  Last year, I introduced graphing on the calculator during week 1, and it went rather badly.  We're building up to it this year!

The TI-30XS calculator screen printable is in the same file as the calculator instruction pages I have made.  Download it here.

The TI-84 printable is designed to print 2 to a page.  It can be downloaded here.

As always, you can find all of my downloadable files here.


  1. Can you post any of the Algebra 2 graphing calculator tutorials?

  2. I didn't realize that there were so many versions of Texas Instrument calculators. I'm looking for something like this to use with a Ti-30XIIS.

    1. Best tip I can give you is to find an online pdf version of the manual and use the snipping tool to capture an image of the keypad.

  3. I am curious of what types of things you put as tutorials. I'm looking to get started on something similar and if you don't mind, would appreciate some examples.