Math = Love: Homecoming T-Shirt Epiphany

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Homecoming T-Shirt Epiphany

This isn't a math-y post.  It's a student council-y post.  This is my fourth year as student council sponsor.  That means this is my 7th time to organize the ordering of homecoming t-shirts.  It's not a job I love, but it's not a job I hate either.  It just usually happens at a hectic time of year.

For example, our football homecoming this year is September 18th.  School started August 20th.  That's not a ton of time to create a design, sell t-shirts, and give the printing company enough turn around time so you get them back in time.  I can be quite the disorganized person, but I'm trying to work on that.

This year, I had an epiphany that I should have had ages ago.  Make people fill out order forms.  You're probably thinking, "This is her epiphany?!?!?!?"  I can be a little slow sometimes.  Really slow.  In the past, I've just kept a list on a clipboard with name and shirt sizes.  This worked.  Kinda.
But, this year, I made an order form.  And, it was the best decision.  People were able to clip their money to the order form and lay it on my desk without interrupting my lessons.  Success!

And, when I sat down to compile my numbers, I just had to flip through the order forms and enter them in my excel document.

And, the good news is, now that I've typed the order form, I can just change the pertinent details for future homecoming shirts!


  1. Sarah, I have a lot of forms, too, with math club. I make up a google form that the kids fill out, and then you have it in the spreadsheet for you already. Though you may want the hard copy, it's does take out the middle work--And you can sort by size or by grade. Just don't forget to ask for their names...I tend to do that a lot!

    1. I've never used google forms with my students before, but you've inspired me to try!

  2. yes, google forms. save yourself tons of time. can still give paper to those who need/want it.

  3. I'm lucky enough to have a local print shop that does online ordering. For my track team all I have to do is design the shirts and sweatshirts. Then the print shop sets up an online ordering form for the students to log into and pay through. They deliver the finished product to me bundled with the students invoice and I pass out. Super easy.