Math = Love: Homecoming Versus Spirit Week

Monday, September 28, 2015

Homecoming Versus Spirit Week

My student council kiddos are always looking online for homecoming ideas from other schools, so I feel compelled to post our spirit days to help others out.  We took the general idea for this week from another school and modified it to fit our student body.

This year, we decided to do a "Versus" week.  Each day, we pitted the lower classmen against the upperclassmen to see who could come up with the best costumes.  I typed up the days and printed them on 11 x 17 card stock.

I decided to try something new this year and design an image for each day of the week for students to share on social media.  I sent it out to my student council kids via Remind.  I don't know how many of them actually shared the image, but I hope some of them did.

At least, I had a lot of fun making these using Canva!

Homecoming ended up being cancelled due to a thunderstorm which was a bit frustrating.  It got cancelled last year, too, due to the other school not having enough players to make a team.  It's hard to watch my kids work so hard on something and it end up falling through.

Our homecoming t-shirts turned out fab looking, though!  Our design company always does such a good job.  

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