Math = Love: Labeling Turn-In Trays

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Labeling Turn-In Trays

I finally got my turn-in trays labeled with the class periods.  After having last period plan for the last two years, I'm back to having first period plan.

My labels aren't anything fancy.  I took some colored index cards from Dollar Tree and cut them in half.

I folded each half in half and labeled them with the class period and what I teach that hour.

The arrows are my new addition this year.  Last year, quite a few students struggled with whether their papers belonged in the tray above or below the label.  With a little critical thinking about how the trays are made, I think they could have figured this out.  But, students rushing to turn things in before heading out the door to their next class meant papers in the wrong tray all the time.  So, arrows it is.

I taped them to the tray with some handy dandy packing tape.  I use this stuff for seriously everything.

Finished trays.  I have two empty trays at the bottom.  Wait, make that one.  I decided to store my laminated train games that we use on Thursdays on the bottom shelf.


  1. I love that you posted a blog on this. Seems so trivial but it's the little life hacks that get rid of the consistent little stressors. Had yet to label my turn in boxes. Will have a student do this pronto.

    1. Thanks! Part of me was a bit worried that this was too trivial of a blog post.