Math = Love: Making Notes for Next Year

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Making Notes for Next Year

We just finished our humongous review units in both Algebra 1 and Algebra 2.  Algebra 2 had 9 skills.  Algebra 1 had 8 skills.  Note to self:  Review units are a great idea to get student accustomed to SBG and the A/B/Not Yet Grading System.  Further note to self: making the review unit this big was a big mistake.  It's taken forever for the 2-week deadline to set in to force students to fix their "not yets."  This means I currently have students who have not made an A or a B on a single quiz.  This is not good.  And, their grade still doesn't reflect it.

Next year: 4 or 5 review skills in the review unit.  Then, spread the other review skills out in the unit the are actually needed for.

To encourage students to come in for extra help, I typed up an "invitation" to spend time before school, after school, or at lunch with me.  It's actually not an invitation, but a mandate.  Invitation sounds nicer, though.

I printed them off on green paper and filled in the top three lines.  I passed them back with graded quizzes.  I think this was a wake-up call for my students.  Ideally, they would be keeping track of this themselves or be checking our online gradebook.  They do have a score tracking sheet in their notebook, but I'm having trouble motivating some of my students to use it.

I gave this invite to all students who had more than 3 not yets to fix.

Students signed and returned these.  We'll see how many actually show up.  It's at the point where I should be calling parents, but I don't have time to call THIS many parents.

Note to self:  Start handing these out WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY sooner next year.  Don't assume students will realize they need help and seek it out themselves.

I feel like this post has been pretty negative since I'm focusing on things I should change.  So, I want to end with a positive.  Having students self-assess at the end of the quiz has been amazing.

Though, I've noticed that many students fill out their self-assessment BEFORE they even take the quiz.  Haven't quite figured that one out...


  1. In a different variation of having students correct their work in order to learn, I have my students correct any mistakes/errors in their homework (I collect homework and grade it. I can see who's getting the concepts each day and who's not.). Your paper is a great idea for students who don't hand in their homework or forget to redo their homework. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I really like your idea for the self assessments and the invitations. I also have many students that did not do well in their mid unit assessments and I wrote notes on their paper to come see me but to no avail, no student has come to ask for extra help. I need to find a better way of reaching my students and having them feel more conformable with coming to me for help. Please let us know how many of these students show up for their addition help.

    1. I'll try to update soon with how it is going!