Math = Love: Organizing with Class Crates

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Organizing with Class Crates

This year, I've decided to designate a separate crate for each class period.  These crates are for students to store their notebooks in (if they wish).  And, each student has a file folder to hold graded work.

This is building off of last year's organization system.  Last year, each prep (Alg 1, Alg 2, and Trig) had a file cabinet drawer to store notebooks in.  Graded papers were stored in 3 crates.  This worked fine, but I decided I wanted to reclaim my file cabinet for my own storage!

Having a separate crate for each period makes it easier and faster for students to find their notebooks!

I printed the labels two to a page, laminated them, and cut them in half.

I've uploaded the files here in case you want to make your own crate labels.  For the editable Publisher file, you'll need to download this font: HVD Comic Serif Pro.


  1. Hi! Do you have students store their tests in the folders in case they don't want to keep them in their binders? Or do you hand back tests by putting them in their folders?

    1. They have the choice to store in folder or in their own storage system. I hand them back directly to the students.

  2. This storage idea is a nice thing for you to do for the kids. Certainly beats having to lug books all over the place and will help them save space in their lockers!