Math = Love: Updated Problem Solving Strategy Posters

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Updated Problem Solving Strategy Posters

This summer, I made a problem solving strategies page for my students to glue in their notebooks.  I blogged about it here.  And, here's what the final product looks like.  I had my students design a tiny icon for each problem solving strategy in the boxes to the left.

This list of problem solving strategies doesn't match up exactly with the problem solving strategy posters I made during my first year of teaching.  So I decided to make an updated set of posters.

Here they are:

I don't have a picture of them in my classroom yet because they actually aren't up in my classroom yet.  I'm really struggling with the whole getting my room finished thing this year.  But, I'll update this post when they're up.

Want to download these posters?  I've uploaded them here as an uneditable PDF file and an editable Publisher file.  To edit the file, you'll need to download these free fonts: Zantroke, Alpha Echo, Comic Zine OT, Ostrich Sans, Special Elite, Operating Instructions, Dancing Script OT, Capture It, and Frente H1.

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