Math = Love: A Daily Problem

Monday, October 12, 2015

A Daily Problem

One of the first strategies I picked up as a student teacher was to write the date as a math problem.  I started doing this as a first year teacher.  My kids hated it.  It especially frustrated them when they would ask the date and I would read the math problem off the board to them.

Last Christmas or so, I got a bit overwhelmed one week and never made the time to write the date on the board.  And, I just kinda stopped.  I didn't mean to; I just got out of the habit.

Well, I'm back at it.  And, my students are not pleased.  I couldn't be happier!

The date in the picture above sparked a great conversation about whether the 2+1 needed to be in parentheses.  I love when I can find extra little ways to make my students think!


  1. Thanks for reminding me about this great idea! I have tried this in my classroom in the past, but then neglect to do it when I get really busy. Gonna start again on Tuesday and have students create the numerical expressions during homeroom. I love it when I can find ways for students to share the logistical and cognitive load in the classroom. A win win!
    Math to the 7th Power

  2. I do this math date. Last Monday, one of my students noticed I had made an error and mentioned it to me. Up to this point in the school year I thought no one was even paying any attention to it. I asked him to come you with a problem for that day's date and he did a more complicated problem than I would have come up with. I was quite pleased!

    1. I like that you didn't mention it and just waited to see if the kids noticed!