Math = Love: Come Explore the MTBoS

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Come Explore the MTBoS

Hi guys!

I know this makes two posts in one day, but I'm just too excited to wait until tomorrow to post this.  So, you'll just have to excuse this blogging faux pas.

I know I talk about the MTBoS a lot here on this blog.  And, I realize that most of you fall in one of a few categories.

1.  I love participating in the MTBoS by tweeting and/or blogging.
2.  I love participating in the MTBoS by reading blog posts and leaving comments.
3.  I don't know what the MTBoS is, but I enjoy reading math teacher blogs.

If you're in Category 1, I hope that you've already heard about the upcoming MTBoS Exploration and have signed up to be a mentor.  Or, if you feel like you're still getting your feet wet in the MTBoS, you can sign up to be given a mentor.  A mentor's job is to help people get acquainted with the MTBoS and answer any questions people might have about getting involved in blogging or twitter.

If you're in Category 2 or 3, I want to encourage you to join in by starting a blog or twitter account.  We're really a friendly bunch of math teachers.  And, we'd love to have you join us!

The sign up form is here for both mentors and mentees.  Mentees will be paired up with mentors in December, and there will be a 4-week blogging initiation that starts in January.  Get all the info here!

If you've ever thought about blogging before but have been scared off by the idea, here's your chance to join in with a whole group of people doing the same thing at the same time with tons of support.


  1. I'm still searching for a GTBoS!

    1. Good luck with that! Have you been able to connect with any other German teachers through your blog yet?

  2. Hey Sarah! I've been reading your blog for at least two years but for some reason have never commented. Maybe it's because I have to comment as "anonymous" because I don't have a blog of my own, but really, that's just an excuse. Thanks to your tweet, I signed up to be a mentee with MTBoS and I'm super pumped. I've always loved reading math blogs (and more recently tweets) and I think I'm finally ready to take the jump into blogging about my classroom!
    ~Jennifer (@jlwilliams314)

    1. Yay, yay, yay! This makes me so, so, so happy. Your #teach180 tweets have been AWESOME! Can't wait to read your ideas in the form of a blog post!

  3. What if you are a sporadic blogger/Tweeter? Can I still sign up?

  4. I signed up and have just discovered all these awesome resources. So excited to get a Mentor!