Math = Love: Graphing Ordered Pairs and Linear Functions Interactive Notebook Review

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Graphing Ordered Pairs and Linear Functions Interactive Notebook Review

One of my review topics for Algebra 2 was graphing ordered pairs and linear functions.  We covered this thoroughly in Algebra 1, but I know they needed to be reminded after two summers plus a year of geometry.

I typically use this foldable with my students in Algebra 1, so I wanted something on the quicker and easier side that they hadn't seen before.  I whipped up a quick graphic organizer over graphing ordered pairs.  

Then, I gave my students a coordinate graphing picture from  My picture looked a bit different from one of my students which makes me think that I might have accidentally skipped a few points.  I did this over the course of a day in between helping students.  I should have marked off each point as I graphed it to make sure I didn't miss any with all my starting and stopping.

I ended up giving the same picture to my Algebra 1 students later, so once I've done another for that notebook, I'll try and update this post with a proper kangaroo.  

Kids asked if I chose a kangaroo on purpose since I spent my summer in Australia.  Duh.  

Plus, kangaroos are cute.  

I now interrupt this math-y post with some cute kangaroo pics from this summer.  

You're very welcome.

Okay.  Enough cuteness.  Back to the math.  

I typed up a quick set of steps to save writing time while reviewing graphing linear equations.  

We talked through HOYVUX again since it had been a while since they'd seen it.  Some of my students had a different Algebra 1 teacher, so we also had to rewatch Slope Dude.  The other students insisted.  

Before class, I quickly put together a poof book of practice equations to graph.

I found these awesome instructions (via Pinterest) that show how to easily fold the poof book.

There was only one problem with this poof book that students quickly pointed out.  With the exception of the vertical line, all of the other lines ended up having a negative slope.

Oops!  I'll definitely fix this next time I use this with a group of students.  Don't worry, I'll upload the editable Publisher file so you can change the equations to your heart's content!

All the files are here.  (And, remember - you can always access every single file on my blog here!)


  1. So using this awesome graphic for coordinate geometry! Thanks Dear!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Lee! I have the MTBoS to thank for most of them!

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  4. Hi! I'm wondering what 'WWSDS' means on the glued in notes at the top of the page. Thanks!