Math = Love: Graphing Ordered Pairs in Algebra 1

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Graphing Ordered Pairs in Algebra 1

I ended up using the same graphic organizer for graphing ordered pairs in Algebra 1 as I did in Algebra 2.  I tweaked things a tiny bit, so I thought I'd go ahead and post again.  In the past, I've pulled out the shower curtain coordinate plane and practice graphing on that with my Algebra 1 students, but I just feel soooooooooo far behind this year.  This is a topic they should have mastered in middle school.


* Only put quadrant numbers in the circles
* Made note of what to do if the x or y value is 0

Note for next year: make this into a booklet foldable with practice problems inside!  Ask students to label ordered pairs.  Ask students to draw and label ordered pairs that meet certain requirements.

And, my new and improved kangaroo that I actually remembered to graph all the points on.

Download files here

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