Math = Love: HOYVUX Posters

Friday, October 2, 2015

HOYVUX Posters

Yesterday, I mentioned some HOYVUX notes we took in Algebra 2 as a review.  Here they are again, for reference.

A month ago, Mary Williams posted a link on twitter to this video sneak peak of her classroom.  I got really excited when it revealed HOYVUX posters.  As soon as I saw them, I decided these HAD to go on my to do list.  

I finally put together this version:

Laminating + flourescent lights doesn't make for the best pictures.  Sorry about that.

Here's a better pic of HOY:

And VUX:

I've made them to print two to a page, but you could easily edit the Publisher file to print 1 to a page to make them bigger.  I wanted to hang them above my coordinate plane, so I needed to keep them small to fit.  

To edit the Publisher file, you'll need to download these free fonts: La Unica and GrutchShaded.

Publisher file and PDF file have been uploaded here.


  1. I wish I'd found your blog before my last prac! Thank you so much for sharing the stuff you create- you have no idea how inspiring it is!

  2. I love this idea and after finding it on your blog, I used it with one class when teaching graphing and linear equations last year. My students didn't seem to care which axis the line crossed as once they remembered whether the line was horizontal or vertical they knew how to graph it, but when graphing from equations, my students decided to change the x and y of HOY VUX to Horizontal Lines have 0 slope and their equation looks like *y= a number*, and Vertical Lines have Undefined slop and their equations look like *x = a number*. After seeing this blog post, I thought I'd mention it. As always, thanks for your awesome ideas!

  3. I came up with another acronym for the same information using the end of the alphabet

    Undefined slope is a
    Vertical line
    With the equation
    X=# (where it crosses the x-axis/ going to add after seeing yours)
    Y=# is the equation that has a
    Zero slope AND is horiZontal