Math = Love: Basketball Homecoming Spirit Week: Song Edition

Friday, February 5, 2016

Basketball Homecoming Spirit Week: Song Edition

Basketball Homecoming is this Saturday.  So, that means this week has been Spirit Week.  My student council kids decided to go with a "Song Week" this time around.

They'll probably get mad at me for posting this, though.  When they were doing research for spirit week ideas, they just kept finding all the spirit weeks they've done in the past that I've blogged about...  How do I know this???  One of them mentioned me in this tweet: "So frustrating trying to look up new spirit weeks and then finding what you've already done, posted by your famous teacher @mathequalslove"

Each day of the week has song lyrics that coordinate with the day's theme.

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  1. I really like the song idea juxtaposed with the ideas for Spirit Week. However, I find Spirit Week to be one of the most exhausting weeks of teaching. We only do Spirit Week during football, though.

    1. Interesting! I always love learning how other schools do things.