Math = Love: Rational Expressions Interactive Notebook Pages

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Rational Expressions Interactive Notebook Pages

I'm so behind on posting interactive notebook pages this year.  So behind.  I haven't even been keeping up with my teacher copy of the notebook.  So, today I'm just going to post some student pages.  I haven't uploaded files for any of these pages.  They are JUST pictures.

Here's Algebra 2: Rational Expressions and Equations

Note to self after looking at these pages: Be less boring next year.  This unit could use some livening up!

Anyone have any idea on how to make rationals more exciting?


  1. Because I'm to download? (insert sheepish grin here) Thank you! And thank you pictures rather than nothing. I love seeing how you present a topic.

  2. I agree with Teri! I know you have been a little busy with silly little things like weddings, husband, and adjusting to married life.

  3. This is amazing! currently teaching to Algebra I kiddos! I took pieces of a lesson on relating rational expressions to cell phone towers on

  4. I really like your unit tabs - would you mind sharing the files for those so I could see how big it is/use it? Thanks!

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  6. Always a fan! Thanks for the inspiration!

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  8. Thank you! This is a great help. I always love your interactive notebook pages, esp for the A2 folks!