Math = Love: Free Printable Math-y Welcome Banner

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Free Printable Math-y Welcome Banner

So, I'm not at #TMC16, but I've been following along with the adventures on Twitter as best as I can.  I've seen a ton of tweets about Sara VanDerWerf's math-y badges.

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If you haven't seen her blog post about them, you definitely need to check it out here!  

Working at a tiny, rural school means that everybody in the school knows everybody, and there is no need for a name badge.  I loved the idea behind the badge, so I decided to incorporate it in a different way.  

I have a new classroom this year because our school is consolidating 7th - 12th grade into a single building.  A previous teacher left a "Welcome" banner poster behind the door, but Shaun and I decided it just didn't match my style of decorating.  I've been pondering how to decorate outside my classroom when it dawned on me that I could make my "Welcome" sign math-y!  

I started playing around in Publisher to create math-y letters.  

Here's what I came up with:

I printed each letter on a different colored sheet of paper.  I made sure to take a picture of them BEFORE I laminated them since laminated posters are soooooooooo hard to photograph!  

I was pretty pleased with how the letters look horizontally, but I had vertical plans.

Here are my math-y welcome posters outside the door to my classroom:

I took pictures of each letter, but the laminated posters were just as hard to photograph as I expected.

Want to create your own math-y welcome banner?  I've uploaded the files here as a non-editable PDF and an editable PUB file.  No special fonts needed this time!


  1. Really cute! I'd love to use this :)Thank you for sharing...clever you!!!

  2. I need a new Welcome sign. This is great!

  3. You just made my first day back to school easier!

  4. Thank you so much for your posts! I have been looking for something for my door all summer and this is PERFECT!!

  5. Love this. Can't wait to put this outside my classroom door.

  6. Yay! Thanks! Can't wait to print these and put them next to my classroom door!

  7. I will be using this outside my classroom door - thanks Sarah!

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    1. Thanks for reading my blog, Christine!

  9. Thanks Sarah for your willingness to share everything!!! You and your blog are awesome.

  10. Sarah - thank you so much for this! I'm putting it OUTSIDE my will be the best door in the hallway!

  11. Hi Sarah,
    The pdf is not allowing me to open it from box. Could you email it to me? Thank you!

  12. Hi Sarah,
    I just discovered this wonderful sign. My school has firewalls not allowing the pdf to come through. Could you email me another version? Thanks!

  13. This is so awesome!! Looking forward to putting these up in my classroom. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  14. I love this; I have been looking for this, subconsciously, for a long time. I never thought about creating it, smart you. Thanks again. :)

  15. I love it!!! Thanks for sharing!! All math teachers in my school will use it this year!!

  16. Thank you for sharing the pdf. I can't wait to put this up next to my classroom door!!!

  17. thank you... thanks for sharing... thank you for "free"!!!!