Math = Love: New Left and Right Posters for my Classroom

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

New Left and Right Posters for my Classroom

So, I feel like I need to apologize in advanced because this blog is getting ready to be taken over by posters.  I've got a new classroom to decorate, and I'm taking full advantage of that fact.

(There's also the fact that my husband has a new classroom to decorate as well, so our house has turned into a full time poster making factory.  Shaun's Geometry Symbols Posters almost make me wish I was the one teaching geometry next year!)  

The left versus right struggle pops up in my classroom on a regular basis.  I'll find myself saying "What's left on the left side of the equation?"  And, I'll have students giving me the correct answer to the question "What's left on the right side of the equation?"  And, I can totally relate.  I remember being terrified throughout my driving test for fear I would turn the wrong way when the person giving the driving test would say "Turn right at the next intersection."  I was sure I would instantly fail the test for turning the wrong way.  

A couple of years ago, I printed off a pair of left/right signs to hang in my classroom that seemed to work well for jogging students' memory.  

They worked great with the tan walls in my old classroom.  But, when I hung them up in my new classroom the white on white just left me feel like I needed to make something new.  Something bright and colorful to match the rest of my classroom.  

So, I did.

Here's a comparison of the old left and right signs and my new left and right signs.  

And, here's what they look like hanging in my classroom now.  Bright and happy!  :D  

And, here's an even bigger peek at my slowly coming together classroom!

In case you also have students who need a reminder of which way left and right is, I've uploaded the file for you here.  If you want to edit the posters, you'll need Publisher and the free font Wellfleet.  You could also substitute your own favorite font.  I've also included a non-editable PDF version. 

Also pictured is my Keep Calm and Combine Like Terms Poster, my Pi Clock Sign , and my Horizontal/Vertical Lettering.  If you're interested in even more classroom decoration ideas, check out my collection of free posters and my collection of free bulletin board ideas.     


  1. Cool idea! Your classroom looks lovely and bright!
    What is Witzzle?

    1. Thanks! Witzzle is a board game that emphasizes mental math and order of operations. I play it as a class game on the smart board. If you search witzzle in the top left corner, you'll find my posts about it.