Math = Love: Printable Parts of the Coordinate Plane Magnets

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Printable Parts of the Coordinate Plane Magnets

Ready for more posters and more pictures taken in the floor of my living room?

I have this lovely dry erase graph board in my classroom.  (Okay.  It's actually still in my old classroom.  But, it will be moved to my new classroom after the floor wax dries.)

I apparently don't take pictures of it very often, so here's a really old picture I took while decorating my classroom for the first time ever. You can see it on the right with baskets sitting in front of it and my first ever attempt at painters tape on a white board next to it .

For as long as I've had this graph board (read: four years!) I've thought that I should label the parts of the coordinate plane on it with magnets.  This summer, I finally decided to move forward with my plan.  After all, making posters and magnets is waaaaaaaaaaaay more fun that working on lesson plans for the upcoming year.

I used on of my new favorite approaches on these magnets.  I created a bold, dashed outline of each piece.  This means you can just cut between the dashed edges, and your finished product looks pretty.  This answers my age-old question of "Should I cut inside or outside of the line?"

This also meant that I could laminate the pages before I cut them and only have to cut once!  Yay for saving time and looking cute!

I printed the magnets on two colors of paper, but you could easily print them on the same color if that floats your boat.

Since I don't have access to my graph board at the moment, you'll just have to pretend that my living room carpet is a lovely coordinate plane.

My idea is that when we are reviewing the coordinate plane that I could have various stations set up.  One station would be to take the magnets and place them in their correct place on the coordinate plane.

Want to know my secret to making magnetic things in my classroom?  I save all the random magnets that somehow make their way into my life.  Then, I cut them up and hot glue them on the back of laminated paper to make instant classroom magnets.

Here's my current magnet stash:

Once I get in my classroom and get these hung up properly, I'll update this post with new classroom pictures!

If you want these files, I have uploaded them here.  For the editable Publisher file, you'll also need to download the font HVD Comic Serif Pro.  Of course, you can also substitute your own favorite font.  If you don't want to worry about fonts, you can also download the non-editable PDF file.


  1. shelley@hot.rr.comJuly 27, 2016 at 5:09 AM

    I've just been using those free magnets to hold paper up. I never thought about cutting them to use in the way you described. GENIUS! I'm so glad I'm following your blog now. (Just wondering, is your new classroom bigger than the old one?)

  2. I do that with those kinds of magnets too! #upcycling

  3. Alisan Royster - @G8rAliNovember 29, 2018 at 10:48 AM

    Refrigerators and freezers have long, flexible, magnet strips inside the rubber seals around the doors. It's easy to cut the seal with a box cutter to get the strips out. (Just don't do that on the fridge in your kitchen!) Recycling centers can be a good source. The strips can be cut up or can be used long to post posters, anchor charts, chart paper, etc.

  4. Hi! LOVE this idea; so practical and useful for the kids! I'm wondering if you also have the "The Coordinate Plane" sign (shown on your free posters blog post) available for download? Thanks so much!

  5. Where did you get the dry erase graph board?