Math = Love: Favorite #Teach180 Tweets

Monday, August 29, 2016

Favorite #Teach180 Tweets

The craziness of back to school has finally got to me!  So, for today, I'll be sharing some of my favorite #Teach180 tweets from the past couple of weeks.  So many inspiring ideas!  I wish I could have included all of the posts, but I had to choose just a few.  Be sure to search for #Teach180 on Twitter to see all of the posts!  

You may have to wait a few seconds for all of the pictures below to load since they're embedded from Twitter.

I love this visual patterns problem!

So, if I'm honest, I don't exactly know what's going on here.  But, it looks so interesting!

I can't say enough good things about Sarah VanDerWerf's 1-100 activity!  I blogged about how this went in my own classroom here.  

This order of operations matching activity looks fun!

I'm teaching trig this year, so I can't wait to engage my students in some Always, Sometimes, Never!

If you spend much time around my blog, you'll quickly find out I love Slope Dude.  I even made Slope Dude posters this year!

This makes me want to give my students a comic strip assignment!

I'm also super excited that my husband is doing interactive notebooks this year for the first time!

I've seen so many great growth mindset ideas lately like this?

I love an "I have...Who has?" activity.  I'm not teaching geometry this year, but I can use the same idea for other classes.

You can't look at this and not be happy!

Since I'm teaching physical science this year, I'm paying a lot more attention to the #Teach180 science tweets!

I love me so labeling and color coding!

I'm including this post because I need to remember to get out my shower curtain coordinate plane.  I actually have room to lay it out in my new room without rearranging the desks!
I love when students name things and form attachments to things in the classroom.  It just makes teaching so much more fun!

This idea for privacy shields is brilliant!

Need to keep this idea in my mind for when we start unit circles in trig!

What a gorgeous, inspiring classroom display!

I've done this activity before, and the responses from students are priceless!

LOVE these fraction problems!

Jennifer's use of post-it notes here is awesome!

I MUST remember this activity for our polynomial chapter in Algebra 1!

Shawna had her students make their own fair spinners in geometry.  I've been wondering how I could use something like this when I teach stats next year.

I've always wanted to try this activity!

More color-coding :D

Cute parent function posters!

I actually tried this problem with my physical science students during the first week of school!

I hope you found some inspiring ideas, too!

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