Math = Love: Meet The Teacher Night = DONE!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Meet The Teacher Night = DONE!

Well, I survived the first day of professional development and meet the teacher night.  We had a much higher turn-out level than normal, but most of that can be attributed to the fact that we'll be in a new building this year.  Our district has combined our middle school and high school into a 7-12 building to save money.  This means that no one knew where any of their classes were.  And, there were no room numbers printed on the schedules.  It was pretty crazy.

I was able to get my room looking pretty decent.  It's been a work in progress for months.  I'll do a post later with close-up photographs of everything, but here's what it looked like tonight for students and parents.

My back wall of cabinets.  This is my first classroom EVER that has cabinets.  I'm in LOVE.

View from my Desk:

View from Door:

East Wall:

Angled View from Door:

Students haven't set in them yet, but I'm really liking my desk set up this year.  We'll see how they go on Monday.

More importantly, do you see that space between the groups?  I've NEVER had that before.

In my old classroom, the desks were incredibly cramped.

See? !?  Here's a pic of the groups in my old classroom:

My rosters show that I'm going to have some pretty large classes.  Now, these aren't large classes as far as most of you are concerned.  But, I only have 22 desks in my room.  So, when 20 are filled, that's a large class for me.  I'm used to average class sizes of probably around 13 or 14.

Tomorrow's our last PD day before kids start on Monday.  Having kids come in and out of my room helped to make the fact that school is starting soon actually sinking in.  It also reminded me of how much I have missed interacting with my students.  I've enjoyed my break, but I'm ready to get back to teaching some math.  And physical science.  That part is going to be an adventure.

My school had one of our science teachers (from a department of two) retire at the end of last year.  Due to budget problems, a new science teacher was not hired.  As a result, I have to teach a section of physical science.  Looking at the standards, at least half of them mention math.  So, I think we'll be okay.  People are going to be so confused when they start seeing physical science foldables on Math = Love...

I'm ready to start Year 5!  


  1. As a science teacher who follows your blog (and loves it), I am so selfishly excited that you are teaching a science class! I hope you have a great year!!!

  2. As a science teacher who follows your blog (and loves it), I am so selfishly excited that you are teaching a science class! I hope you have a great year!!!

  3. Omg I teach both math and science at my school and was going to begin ISNs in science this year (after a hugely successful ISN year in math last year... THANKS TO YOU). I can't wait to see what ideas you come up with!!! Thank you as always for all you post!!

  4. What will your schedule look like with the addition of physical science? I think you mentioned there are two teachers for each subject at your school. You and Shaun are the two math teachers, right? How will you split the course load? Will he also have to pick up a science class? And does that mean the class size for the other science teacher will be larger? I'm just curious! :)

  5. Sarah,
    I just want to say THANK YOU for sharing all that you have shared. You are an inspiration to "an old math teacher". I will be trying INB's for the first time this year because of you. Tell Shaun thanks too for his posts!

  6. How will you be using that Witzzle bulletin board?

  7. Hey Sarah, looks like a beautiful room. Same thing happened to me, I'm teaching conceptual physics but not until next semester (we are on block). Paul Hewitt has a few textbooks, physics, physical science, and conceptual physics. Here's his website for conceptual physics

  8. Your room looks great! Have a great first day!