Math = Love: #Teach180 Year Two

Sunday, August 21, 2016

#Teach180 Year Two

School starts tomorrow.  TOMORROW!  And, I don't feel ready at all.

Don't take that the wrong way.  My copies are made.  My SMARTBoard slides are ready.  My classroom is decorated.  My first week is planned out.  My first units for each of my five-ish preps are in various states of preparedness.  We won't be starting Unit 1 until NEXT Monday, so I'm not freaking out about that, yet.

Even though I'm working for the same school district doing the same job, it feels like I've quit my job and started all over.  I'm teaching in a different building this year.  This means I had to pack my entire old classroom and move it to my new classroom.  I will be working for a new principal.  I have two brand new preps this year: math concepts (a class for 9th graders not yet ready for Algebra 1) and physical science.  There's been a changeover in the math department, as well.  But, I can't exactly complain about the fact that the new hire is my husband. ;)

This year is definitely going to be an adventure!

Now, I want to make a very selfish request of you.

Join me for a second year of #Teach180.

Not sure what #Teach180 is?  It's a challenge to post one picture from your classroom each day with the hashtag #Teach180.  And, it's not just math teachers.  Last year, we had teachers from many subjects participate.  It was so fun to see what I could learn each day just from seeing a single picture of an activity in someone's classroom.

I was inspired to start #Teach180 last year because I admired those teachers who had the motivation to keep an 180 blog where they blogged about each and every day of the school year.  I LOVE blogging, but I just don't have time to write about what happens each and every day.  But, I do have time to take a picture and write a tweet.  (Plus, most of my pictures and tweets later become blog posts!)

Want a taste of what #Teach180 is really like?  At the beginning of last school year, I wrote 3 posts in which I compiled my favorite #Teach180 tweets from that week.  You can find those here, here, and here.

What if your school year isn't 180 days long?  That's okay.  Mine isn't either.  To be honest, once testing started last year, I didn't feel like I had anything exciting to share.  So, I stopped.

What if school has already started for you?  No problem.  Jump in right where you are!

What if you don't think you can tweet every day?  That's okay, too.  Share when you can!

How can I best follow the #Teach180 tweets?  I have a #Teach180 column in TweetDeck that I check on a regular basis.  You can also just search for the #Teach180 hashtag on twitter.

There's no need to sign-up.  Just start posting and following along.

I've already seen one #Teach180 tweet this week that's worked it's way into my first week of school plans.

Here's the tweet:

I've decided this will be a perfect problem to set my physical science students to solving on Day 2!

Here's the task card I've created:

I'm looking forward to seeing the posters my students will create.  This may just make it's way back to be another #Teach180 tweet!

I said earlier in the post that this was a selfish request.  It's selfish because I'm asking you to share your best ideas with me.  But, I think you'll also benefit from seeing and interacting with other teachers!

Still not sure?  Give it a try for a week.  See what happens.  That is my challenge to you.


  1. I think I'm going to try this. My school year starts in 17 days.

  2. It's so awesome that you are full of these fabulous ideas and exuberant energy! I've learned so much from you! I start year 15 tomorrow. Good luck!

  3. Good luck! Hope you have an awesome first day and school year!

  4. Okay I think I'm going to try this too. Hardest part will remembering to take the photo.