Math = Love: Accuracy and Precision Posters

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Accuracy and Precision Posters

After making significant figure posters for my classroom, my mind started wandering to other topics that could also become posters.  Last week, we discussed the difference between accuracy and precision.  We took notes and classified targets according to their accuracy and precision.

 I blogged about this in more detail here.

I decided to take the target idea and make it into a set of posters to hang in my room.

Here's what I designed:

And, here's how they turned out.  Before laminating:

After laminating:

Here's my current collection of science posters:

I've uploaded the files here as an editable Publisher file and a non-editable PDF file.  For the editable file, you'll need to make sure you download these free fonts: ArmWrestler and Folks-Light.  

Oh, and you can find my significant figures posters here and my SBG posters here.  

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  1. I thought accuracy was how close they were to the actual actual value, and using the accepted/calculated/whatever value was just an approximation?