Math = Love: Call for Guest Posts

Monday, October 3, 2016

Call for Guest Posts

Quick post today to let you know about an exciting opportunity!  For the first time in over five years of blogging, I am opening up my blog for guest posts.  What is a guest post?  It's a post written by a guest (AKA not me).  And, I'm hoping that guest is YOU!

I picture two different types of people responding to this request for guest posts.  

1) Do you love reading math teaching blogs and have an idea you want to share with the world?  Maybe you've thought about starting your own blog, but you're just not sure if you have enough time to devote to it.  This is your perfect chance to dip your toe into the blogging waters.  I hope you'll love the experience of blogging so much that you'll start your own blog for me to follow!  

2)  Do you already blog about teaching math but wish that more people knew about your blog?  Writing a guest post is a great way to gain exposure for your blog.  I'll include a link to your blog at the beginning and the end of your post so that readers know where to go to find more of your awesome posts.  Over the past year, my blog has averaged over 190,000 page views per month.  I know that page views aren't the most important thing about blogging, but I want to take advantage of the page views I do earn to help other #MTBoSers.  

So, does this sound like something you want to do?  

Here's a few more details:
  • The focus of this blog is on teaching math.  Guest posts should reflect this focus. 
  • Blog posts that could be considered an advertisement for your products or services will not be published. 
  • Your blog post must be original.  You may not submit a guest post that has already been published on your blog or another blog.   
  • Posts should be at least 250 words.  
  • Ideally, posts will include photographs of the activity or idea in action in your classroom.  Photographs that contain student faces will be edited for privacy reasons.   
  • I reserve the right to proofread your post and correct grammatical or spelling errors.  If your post requires more editing, I will e-mail you to discuss these edits.  
  • Submitting a post does not guarantee that the post will be published.  I reserve the right to not publish a post if I do not feel it is a good fit for my blog and audience.  
If this is something you would be interested in doing, please send me an e-mail at mathequalslove (at) gmail (dot) com.  Include "Guest Post" in the subject line!  You may either e-mail me your completed post OR e-mail me an idea for a post that you have so we can work to flesh out the idea together.  Once your blog post has been scheduled, I will send you an e-mail with details about exactly when your post will appear so you can tell the world about it!    

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