Math = Love: Statistics Interactive Notebook Pages 2015-2016

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Statistics Interactive Notebook Pages 2015-2016

Have you ever wondered what an entire interactive notebook looks like?  Today I want to share with you one of my student's notebooks from last year's statistics class.  I didn't do the best job of blogging all my notebook pages last year.  I blame it on the craziness of getting married last school year!

Many of these pages should look familiar because I did blog about some of them!

These notebook pages are based off of an older edition of BVD's Stats Modeling the World textbook.

Each unit started out with a unit divider/table of contents/score tracking sheet.  I blogged about this system here.

Our first activity of the year was the hiring discrimination activity from The Practice of Statistics.  This activity got a blog post here!  

Next was a Q and A section taken straight from the BVD stats book:

Vocabulary Sheet for Unit 1.  This idea failed TERRIBLY.  Having my students copy down vocab words took waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too long.  We don't have stats books, so I can't make them copy down the vocab on their own time.

Class Survey Results.  I typed up the results for the class so we could use this data throughout the rest of the course.

Students had to write down observations from our class results.

W's Foldable:

This was another foldable where I asked my students to do too much writing.  I should have pre-typed most of that!

W's Practice Problems:

Next, students had to design their own survey and label the cases and results.  This didn't go as well as I'd hoped.  Next time I teach stats, I'll make much more structured notes for this lesson!

Categorical vs Quantitative Variable Card Sort (Blog Post)

My last attempt at vocabulary for the year.

3 Rules of Data Analysis:

Unit 2!

Graphs In The News Foldable.  This also became a blog post last year!

Titanic Contingency Tables:

Students had to design a survey to determine if two variables were independent or dependent.

Contingency Table Practice:

M&M Lab - This was modified from @druinok.  Almost all of what I have is thanks to her and her willingness to share resources!

We made a pocket to hold our practice cards:

Unit 3!

Quantitative Data Displays Foldable:

You can see that I accidentally typed something under the wrong section.  Oops!

We practiced making graphs from our class survey results.

I love the SOCS acronym that @druinok shared with me.  I blogged about this foldable here.

We looked at the shape, outliers, center, and spread of the Kentucky Derby Winning Times from 1875 to 2008.

And, then we did even more SOCS practice!

Unit 4!

Numerical Center Practice:

Silly me accidentally put the same problem twice inside this foldable.  Another oops moment!

I made them go through the process of finding standard deviation by hand before showing them how to do it on their calculators.

Standard Deviation Practice:

Interquartile Range Notes:

We did some basic IQR practice:

Then, we did an IQR vs. Standard Deviation Card Sort.  I blogged about this card sort here.

We traced our hands and wrote out the 5 facts that should be reported in a 5 number summary.  I blogged about this lesson here.

Remember that class survey data?  We used it to make our own five number summaries!

Notes on Making a Boxplot

We collected some data playing Tenzi and used that to practice making boxplots.

Tenzi Game dice color may vary .

Originally, my plan was to have my students play two different versions of Tenzi and compare their results.  You can get a book that contains 77 different ways to play!  

Tenzi 77 Ways to Play Tenzi
In the end, we just ended up playing using the normal rules TWICE.  So, we compared our Tenzi results as an inexperienced player and an experienced player!

What are the numbers in the 8 boxes?  They are the number of seconds it took my students to finish a round of Tenzi.  If I were to do this again (and I definitely would!), I would have my students maybe count the number of rolls it took them to reach Tenzi.  

Tenzi Box Plots:

We followed this up with another game, the Game of Greed.  I got game from @druinok, as well.  I blogged about this game here.

We did a bit of comparing boxplot practice.

Unit 5!

Next, we did a Halloween Statistics activity to examine how shifting and rescaling a variable affects the summary statistics.

We wrote up some summary notes to describe what happened:

Then, it was time to talk z-scores!  I blogged about introducing z-scores here.

Z-Score Formula:

Calculating and Comparing Z-Score Notes

Normal Model Notes:

Normal Model Tables:

Z-Table Practice:

Z-Scores In Reverse:

More Normal Distribution Practice:

Unit 6!

Foldable with Random Number Table Inside:

Steps for a Simulation:

Simulation Practice:

Realized afterward we needed even more practice!

Types of Sampling Notes:

How to Randomly Select a Simple Random Sample:

Sources of Bias:

Unit 7!

Experiment vs. Observational Study Notes

Parts of an Experiment

Parts of an Experiment:

How to Design An Experiment:

Water Dowsing Experiment:

Types of Randomization:

And, that's a wrap for Statistics 2015-2016.  We did a bunch of projects as well, but those were made into posters and presentations.  Hope you've enjoyed this jaunt through our notebook from last year!  Some day, I hope to write blog posts for some more of these pages and post downloads/more details.  If only I had more to just blog!  


  1. Did you post your W's foldable? I would love to use that for my statistics unit. Thanks.

    1. Haven't blogged about it YET, but you can find the file here:

    2. Thank you very much! My colleagues and I have edited your dividers for 6th grade math and science and we love them. Fabulous idea! Now the English teachers want them.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I'm in the process of doing an ISN with my AP Stats class. It's my second year teaching stats. Always looking for new ideas for pages. We've done experimental design, data analysis, and are working through z-scores and the normal distribution right now. Would love a link to resources when you are able to set that up. I enjoy adapting to fit the AP class versus are regular stats class.

  3. I would dearly love to get the links to the z-score and normal distributions documents. That is what I'm teaching right now. I'm going to attempt to recreate from what I see on your blog but would love the documents. Email is

    1. Just sent the files your way. Let me know if you need any more!

  4. This is amazing! I'm studying to become a math teacher, and statistics is one of my weak points. Thank you for including so many resources and ideas all in one place. I love your posts that explain what you're doing day-to-day, but this is a real treat to have a bird's-eye view of an entire academic year. I especially appreciate when you tell us what *didn't* work. I know I'll make plenty of mistakes on my own, but I'd like to avoid as many as possible! Thanks again!

  5. Much as I love your ideas for all of your classes, it is a little overwhelming for a soon to be first-year teacher to think about incorporating all of them. Do you have recommendations on which exercises/methods/tools are most helpful and should be prioritized?

  6. Hey Sarah, do you mind sending me the M&M lab? email:
    (If you have any other cool activities that you want to share too, I'll take it :P ) Thanks!

  7. Sarah, I just stumbled upon your site and I love it! I'm teaching Discrete Math and Stats for the first time this year, and I wish I had found you sooner so I could start INB's at the beginning of the year. Can you send me your notes for Normal distribution? email: Thanks!

  8. Hello! I love your blogsite! I have used many of your foldables in my Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 class! Would you mind sending me or posting a link to your foldables for the Comparing Box plots and the z score practice I would greatly appreciate it!

  9. HEY!!!! I LOVE YOUR NOTEBOOKS!!! They have been a huge help to me with helping to make my classes more involved. I wanted to know if you have the Statistic files from this page uploaded anywhere, or if possible would you be able to email me the ones I was planning on covering. I teach Algebra 2 and our next Module is statistics.

    1. E-mail sent. Thanks for reading my blog!

    2. HI Sarah, I am a new Stats Math teacher (formerly 6th grade) and I was wondering if you would please share your Statistics files from this page, I would love to use them with my class. We are using the same book as your class. Thank you!

  10. Hey Sarah!
    Your Units for Statistics are great!! Is there anyway you could send me the files from your Unit 5? I have the Z-Score Notes but was wondering if you could send me the other files, I would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!!!!

  11. Hi Sarah! I love all your stats stuff and am so excited to teach stats because of your cool ideas! I was wondering if you would be able to share your Unit 3, 4, and 5 stuff? I would appreciate it so much! Thank you in advance!


    1. thank you so much! Would you be okay sharing the Unit 6 and 7 stuff too? I would love to reciprocate and share something with you...if you need anything :) I teach Alg2 and Geo ;-) rschultz @

      Thank you!!

    2. Hi Sarah! I love all your algebra/stats stuff. I was wondering if you would be able to share your Unit 3, 4, and 5 from Statistics?

  12. Hi! Would love anything to start creating these notebooks, I am teaching statistics and algebra for the first time :)

  13. I've been able to find most units zip files on your blog...but can't find 5,6, or 7. Do you have those posted somewhere? We don't offer statistics every year at our school, but it is looking like it is going to form next year and I just want to get a jump start this summer!

  14. Thank you so much for sharing your unique ideas. I absolutely love them! I"m planning to implement as many of your lessons as possible next year. We don't have textbooks for statistics so your materials are invaluable. Would it be at all possible for me to get access to the m&m lab from unit 2 as well as all of your materials for units 5, 6, and 7? My e-mail is I'm not sure I have anything worth trading as most of my materials were found online but I'd be happy to show you what I have if you're interested. Thanks in advance.

  15. It seems I end up teaching a new class each year, and with limited resources, your blogs seem to be where I get most of my materials. Thank you so much!!! I consider stats to be my area of weakness, and I am attempting to teach a crash 1/2 credit survey course in it over the summer. Any chance you would share Units 4 - 7 with me? My email is
    Thanks so much!


  16. I absolutely love your work! You are so creative! I'm getting ready to teach AP Statistics and non-AP Statistics this year. Do you have all your Statistics files posted anywhere or would you be willing to share them with me? My email is Thank you so much!

  17. HI, am teaching statistics for the 1st time this year do you mind sharing.
    Thank you so much for your help.

  18. Hey Sarah,

    I have been reading your blog for a few years and love your stuff. I have implemented some with a lot of success and others without much success but we teach in two different settings. I want to thank you for all you share.

    I am teaching Statistics this year for the first time in two year with the BVD and would love a copy of your resources, if possible.

    Liz (

  19. Hi, Sarah.

    Thanks for all these great ideas! Your blog has inspired me to try integrating doing INBs in my online statistics course. Do you have your statistics files posted, or would you mind sharing them with me?

    Rachel (

  20. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for the great ideas in your blog. They have really helped me remodel what I am doing in my stats class. Would you mind sharing some of your files with me?
    Dan (

  21. I truly can't thank you enough for your blog. I am a self-taught math teacher, and now am teaching stats! I was wondering if you would be willing to share these files with me?

    Thank you,

  22. Hi! I would love anything to start creating these notebooks, I am teaching statistics for the first time and would appreciate it if you could send me your files? I have just started doing interactive notebooks with my geometry classes and it seems to work better. Thank you :)

  23. Hi Sarah! I love your blog! I mostly teach Algebra 1, but this year is my first year teaching Stats. I would love to use some of your INB files for my class if you don't mind sharing. Thank you so much!

  24. Hi Sarah! I've been digging through and enjoying reading posts on your blog ever since I stumbled upon your Functions overhaul. Would it be at all possible for me to get access to the m&m lab from unit 2 as well as all of your materials for units 5, 6, and 7? I can't seem to find them on this page. My e-mail is Thanks so much!

  25. Is there any way you could let me have your unit 7 statistics notebook files? I'm getting ready to do this unit in Algebra 2 and love your materials.

  26. I just want to let you know how much of a saving grace you have been for me this year! This is my first year to teach Algebra I and Statistics. Before this, I was a 7th/8th grade math teacher. You helped me to get a focus on many of the skills. I want to thank you for selflessly taking time to blog and post your material! Is there any chance that you can share the files from this page. I have some of your notes already, but there is so much here that I would love to have! Thanks again! Mary Moore

  27. Sarah,

    I am embarking on the journey of teaching statistics and INB for the first time next year. Would you be willing to share ALL of your INB pages with me?

    Thanks! I absolutely love your blog!

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  29. I would love to have a copy of the normal distribution and z score documents. It is my last unit of the year and I am having trouble finding good notes.

    My email is

  30. Hey I love your blog!
    I will be teaching high school Stats next year for the first time. Would you be wiling to share the resources above?

  31. Sarah,
    I am teaching BVD 5e this next year and want to incorporate INB to my class. Would you be willing to share your INB files? Thanks for all the great ideas.

  32. If you could send me the INB files I would be so appreciative!! Thanks for all your ideas and hard work!!

  33. Sarah, I love your blog! I will be doing INBs for the first time and would love your notes from units 5, 6, & 7. Do you mind sharing? My email is

  34. Hello!
    I have been using INB for years, but have just started teaching stats and was looking for ideas. I love your journals! I have looked for files, but only found the ones for ch 1. If you don't mind sharing, I would greatly appreciate any and all files you have. My email is:

    Thank you!!!

  35. Hi, this will be my first year teaching statistics. If you would be willing to share your files, I would greatly appreciate it.
    My email is:

    Thank you!

  36. Hi, this will be my first year teaching statistics. If you would be willing to share your files, I would greatly appreciate it.
    My email is: