Math = Love: Predicting Products of Chemical Reactions Basketball Review Game

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Predicting Products of Chemical Reactions Basketball Review Game

My physical science students have been working on predicting products of reactions.  For our first day of this section, we did six problems in our notes.  Here's what the dry erase board looked like by the end of the class period.  Our Diatomic Elements poster came in SUPER handy!  My physical science students have given me a couple of more ideas for posters I should make.  I love that they find our classroom decor to be useful!!!  

I decided my students needed to spend a day practicing these types of problems on their own.  So, I wrote up 6 different problems for them.  Each problems is printed on a full sized sheet of paper and is intended to be slid into a dry erase pocket.  Dry erase pockets are one of the most used items in my classroom!  The cheapest way to get a set for your classroom is to search for "Shop Ticket Holders" on Amazon (affiliate link).

For each problem, students had to determine the reaction type and write a balanced equation. 

Here are the six problems students were given to work through:

Each group chose one problem to start with.  They slid it in their dry erase pocket (affiliate link).  They also used our group-sized dry erase boards to do their intermediate work.    

Their final answer was written on the dry erase pocket and brought to my desk for inspection.

If the work was correct, the group got 5 points.

They also received the opportunity to take two bonus shots at our basketball goal shaped trash can.

I picked up my basketball goal shaped trash can at a yard sale, but you can buy a similar one from Amazon (affiliate link).

I placed two pieces of tape on the floor to form a two-point line and a three-point line.

My students really enjoyed this review game.  It made for a very fun Friday!

The files for this game can be found here.

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