Math = Love: Linear Graphs Interactive Notebook Pages

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Linear Graphs Interactive Notebook Pages

It's Christmas Break!  My Algebra 1 students are almost done with our unit on Linear Graphs and Inequalities.  We've gone through all but the last two skills which are the "Inequalities" part of "Linear Graphs and Inequalities."  I thought I would take advantage of this time on break to share all the notebook pages we have done so far for linear graphing.  Once we've done the pages for inequalities, I will share them in a later post!  

Our unit started out with a divider: 

The backside of the divider has our 6 SBG skills for the unit.

Here's a close-up of my skills list:

Notes on finding slope and intercepts:

This is the first year I haven't shown "The Adventures of Slope Dude" in class.  I didn't have a working projector/SMARTBoard for almost two months, so this affected a lot of how I did things in my classroom.  The majority of my kids had already seen the video in their middle school math class.


My students did NOT want to do algebra to solve for the non-integer x-intercepts!  Instead, they just wanted to estimate.  I guess it didn't help that the examples I picked crossed half-way between two integers, so their estimates always ended up being correct.  Next time, I will make an equation that crosses at something like 1.2.

Up next: interpreting slope and intercepts

Types of Lines (Parallel/Perpendicular/Neither) Foldable:

Full disclosure: we spent an entire class period playing with making parallel and perpendicular lines on our coordinate plane geoboards BEFORE we did this foldable.  So, my students discovered relationships between the slope and y-intercept of these types of lines instead of me just telling them.  In the past, I've been guilty of just telling my students things.  This year, I'm trying to do a better job of helping them to discover these things.

Parallel/Perpendicular/Neither Practice

Things I want to change with this file in the future:
1. Give them nastier equations to rearrange.
2. Pre-type parallel/perpendicular/neither so they can simply circle the correct word.

Forms of Linear Equations (Slope-Intercept, Point-Slope, Standard) Foldable:

I love the circles I gave students to show where values should be plugged into each form.  Every year, I have students who try to plug in values for x and y in the equation, too.

I loved the circles so much, that I incorporated them into my next graphic organizer, too.  That turned out to be a mistake that I need to fix before teaching this again!

I designed this graphic organizer where I could type in some of the information, and students would have to find ALL of the other information.

For example, students might be given a graph.

Or the slope and a point.

Or the slope and an intercept.

Or a table.

We worked together to figure out what we had enough information for at any point in time.

As you can see, I had real trouble trying to fit my fractional slope in that tiny circle I gave myself.  Next year, I think I'll type blanks ____ instead of circles.  They were just TOO small to write in!

Some of the problems required more work than others, especially to rearrange equations from one form to another.  We did this on the back of each card.

Another thing I'm proud of is the fact that I required my students to write a parallel and perpendicular line.  I think a big problem I've had in the past with teaching parallel and perpendicular lines is that we did them for a day or two and that was it.  This year, I'm trying to incorporate them throughout the unit.  This is leading to a much deeper and lasting understanding!

This next foldable was created by my husband!  I wasn't feeling well, and he didn't have any work to do for school the next day.  So, he so kindly offered to create a foldable for me so I could rest.  I really do have the best husband!

We also did a bit of practice examining equations to see how the slope and y-intercepts changed.

Files are uploaded here!


  1. Sarah, once again I LOVE your materials! I am in the middle of the linear equations unit, and just got out for our 3 week winter break. When we return in January, we have 8 school days before we have the Lunar New Year break (2 weeks vacation). I definitely will use your materials to review and keep my students engaged between breaks!

    My students love foldables, and keep up with them. Since we don't use INB, this is an epic win for me!

    Thanks for sharing all your materials!

  2. Aaaah, Algebra 1 - I miss it! How is SBG going for you? Is the initial score a pretest kind of score (before instruction) or a Test A (first assessment) score?

  3. Oh my gosh. You are an absolute life saver. This is my first year teaching algebra, and unfortunately I already finished my linear equations unit because I WISH I saw all this first. I must save this for next year. I think it will really help improve my classroom. Thank you so much for sharing all your material!!

  4. SaRah! Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful resources. It makes teaching so much easier...especially in Oklahoma. I teach at the 8th Floor in Tulsa. This upcoming semester I will be teaching about online resources for Math and Science and will be referencing your blog. What you are doing is wonderful and I love how you are allowing us to download editable files. Thank you! I would like to ask if you had the file for the dividers that you mentioned in the beginning of this post. I would actually love to use this in my 6th grade classroom. Merry Christmas!

  5. Hi Sarah- I love your blog and use your resources and ideas regularly! Maybe I'm missing it, but I can't seem to find the Types of Lines (Parallel/Perpendicular/Neither) Foldables or Practice linked with all of the other files? Thank you!!

    1. Just uploaded them. Check again and they should be there!

  6. This was a great post at a great time! Like Rachel, I was wondering about the Types of Lines (Parallel/Perpendicular/Neither) Foldables and Practice. It would be a great resource! Thanks for all you do :)

    1. Thank you so much for all these INB pages! They have been a life saver but I also was looking for the perpendicular/parallel/neither and can't seem to find them.

    2. Just uploaded them. If you check again, they should be there!

  7. Sarah, I love your blog as well. You have fantastic ideas and I too many preps that I find your stuff so valuable. Like Rachel and Anonymous I would like the files on The Types of LInes (parallel, perpendicular, and Neither). They weren't included in the file upload. Could I please get those from you? You are a true blessing to all of us.

    1. Just uploaded it here:

  8. I also would love to have the Types of Lines (Parallel/Perpendicular/Neither) Foldables and Practice.

    1. Yes please! I would love to have the Types of Lines foldable and the classify each set foldable as well. Thanks so much Sarah!

    2. Just uploaded it here:

  9. Thanks for sharing!! This is fabulous!!!! :-)

  10. Sarah--THANK YOU for generously sharing your resources and experiences using them! They have helped me help so many students better understand these concepts and really "get it"!!!