Math = Love: Reindeer Logic Puzzle from @LearningMaths

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Reindeer Logic Puzzle from @LearningMaths

I love twitter.  I love being able to see an idea and incorporate it in my class the exact same day.  This happened with a Christmas-themed logic puzzle that I ended up using both last week and this week.

If you aren't following @LearningMaths on twitter, you must start now.  I promise you won't regret it!  Here's the Christmas puzzle I found:   

I tried it out with my math concepts students (9th graders who have been deemed not ready for Algebra 1 yet.)  I projected it on the SMARTboard and let them work on it using dry erase boards.

This worked, but my students kept asking me to name off all of the reindeer so they could write them in order.  Have you ever tried to recite the names of all the reindeer sloooooooowwwww enough so that your students can write them all down?  It's way more difficult than it sounds!  

I decided to try the puzzle with my trig students as well, so I typed up the clues on a sheet of paper and made laminated cards with each reindeer's name on it to speed up the process.  We ended up doing this in trig yesterday.  It took my trig students around 5 minutes to work through the puzzle.  This made it a nice length to use as a starter in class!  

Here are some pictures of my students in action: 

Here's the instructions I typed up:

And, here are the cards.  One set of cards is designed to print on one sheet of paper.

I have uploaded the file for this activity here.  Thanks @LearningMaths for sharing an awesome Christmas activity for us to use!


  1. You are amazing especially given the number of preps you have! What a joy you must be to your students! Thank you!

  2. Awesome. I was looking for something to do in my algebra class tomorrow since we tested today.

  3. Is their an answer key for the Reindeer Logic problem?