Math = Love: Manifest Game by Frank Tapson via Don Steward

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Manifest Game by Frank Tapson via Don Steward

I ran across this game while reading Don Steward's blog.  The game is known as "Manifest," and it was created by Frank Tapson.  I posted about another activity from Frank Tapson last week called "How Far Can YOU Climb?"  Quite a few of you tried it out in your classroom, and your students loved it just as much as mine did! 

I created a template for a game board and deck of cards to make it easier for my students to play this game.  

Each student will need their own board and deck of cards with the digits 0-9 on them.

I accidentally forgot to put lines on the 6 and 9 so they could be easily distinguished.  Don't worry, I fixed that in the version I've uploaded at the bottom of this post!

Each person takes their cards and places them face down in the arrangement of their choosing.

Both players flip over their first number.  The player with the higher value wins 1 point.

Next, players flip over their two-digit number.  The player with the higher number wins 2 points.

Repeat for the 3 digit number.

And, the four digit number.

Here are some photos of my students in action.  Can you tell which student chose how to place their numbers at random?!?

Here's a student game where the cards were not placed randomly.

Files for this activity are uploaded here.


  1. Wouldn't this game be more suitable for students in kindergarten? How would this game be beneficial to high school students?

    1. The place value context may be elementary, but the logical thinking needed to determine a winning strategy is quite complex.