Math = Love: Systems of Equations and Inequalities INB Pages

Friday, February 3, 2017

Systems of Equations and Inequalities INB Pages

My Algebra 1 students just finished our unit on systems of equations and inequalities.  This unit wasn't perfect.  I'd like to include a real-world applications when we solve by graphing.  But, compared to previous years, I feel really good about this unit!  

The unit started out with a divider.  You can learn more about these dividers here

Originally, I had planned on breaking this unit into 4 skills.  I actually only ended up breaking it into 3 skills because I combined SY2 and SY4 together.  Of course, I didn't realize this until it became time to start SY4.  All of a sudden, I realized we had already done it!

Here's a close-up of our skills for the unit:

We started by practicing our system writing skills.

Then, we solved systems of equations and inequalities by graphing.

Then, we finished off our unit with solving systems algebraically.

We did four examples together of solving by substitution.  I LOVE how this graphic organizer I made turned out!

When one or both of the equations would be already solved for one of the variables, my students seemed to have a hard time realizing this.  For this problem, they kept asking if we could solve for p.

My students kept wanting to use the variables they had defined in their final solution sentences.  I had to keep telling them to write a sentence that would make their English teacher happy.  I told them I doubted that their English teacher would want to see a variable and an equal sign in their equation!

Next, we explored solving systems by elimination.

When I solve systems, I almost always prefer to solve them by elimination.  I was surprised, then, when I realize the graphic organizer I had made for elimination had more steps than the graphic organizer for substitution.

Even though there are more steps, my students ended up preferring the elimination method, too.

My students were SO happy every time we got to skip a step and put an "X" in the box! 

Files for this unit are uploaded here


  1. Once again, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! I am actually starting this unit tomorrow (we return from a 2 week holiday....) These will be so useful for my students, as it explains and gives them practice! I can't wait to use them! :-)

  2. Love! Do you have a printable version of the writing systems of equations and graphing foldable you have at the beginning?

  3. I like how you mixed in systems of equations and inequalities problems together (and even an absolute value- nice!)I also love the arrows on the inequalities to help students figure out where to shade. I always use two colors and talk about where they overlap but that can be hard for students to see, so I like the arrows and then just shading the shared region. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I've been trying to mix things up more and more this year to keep students on their toes. When I only expose them to one thing at a time, they don't learn to differentiate between the different types as well. It's a weakness I'm trying to fix!

  4. I'd also love to get the material for the graphing inequalities and writing inequalities from the start of the post. I have other material I'm using but would love these for practice in the notebook.

    1. Uploaded them finally :)

  5. How did you make the pockets to hold the half sheet organizers for solving systems by substitution and solving systems by elimination?

  6. I have loved your stuff for a long time. Like a prior post, do you have copies of the Writing Systems and solving by graphing?

    1. Just added the files!