Math = Love: Kicking Off Sequences in Algebra 1

Monday, March 6, 2017

Kicking Off Sequences in Algebra 1

My Algebra 1 students have just started their unit on sequences.  This is my first time teaching sequences in Algebra 1 because it used to be in the old Algebra 2 standards.  For the past four years, I have taught sequences and series in Algebra 2, but I feel like I need to take a different approach with my Algebra 1 students since we're only doing sequences.  

We kicked off the section with a set of definitions and examples.    

I took this as an opportunity to introduce my students to the Fibonacci sequence for the first time.  We talked about the Fibonacci sequence on Friday.  On Saturday, I was walking through the Science Museum of Oklahoma, and I saw the Fibonacci sequence in a display.

I took a picture to show my students because I'm not sure that they believed me when I told them how famous the sequence is.

Next, I gave my students 21 sequences.  Students had to find the next term in each sequence.  Then, they had to classify the sequence as arithmetic, geometric, or neither.

I was looking through the resources available from MathsPad, and I found this puzzle in their sequences section (subscription required for this specific resource).  This puzzle has students find the next two terms in a sequence and classify the sequence as arithmetic, geometric, or Fibonacci.  It was fun to have the Fibonacci Sequences in this puzzle since the practice sheet I made didn't have any Fibonacci sequences.  

Files (except for the Mathspad file) are uploaded here.


  1. I know people don't say this enough, because there is no way they possibly could, but you are an amazing teacher and an incredible resource to math teachers worldwide. Not a day goes by that I'm not downloading something from your wealth of resources, and my students even know about the "math teacher guru" from whom I get all my great ideas. You are such a blessing, Sarah.

  2. It's fate! This is exactly what I came here to look for today - ideas on sequences. How lucky that it's such a recent post!