Math = Love: Pi-ku Poems: Pi Day 2017

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Pi-ku Poems: Pi Day 2017

When we celebrated our early Pi Day (thanks to Spring Break!) last Friday, one of our activities was to write a pi-ku.  My students are familiar with haikus, so they took to the activity quite easily.  All I had to do was put up the syllable format on the SMARTBoard, and they were off! 

I gave each student a 3" x 5" index card.  I instructed them to write their practice version on the lined side.  After checking syllables and spelling, they were to write their final version using a colored marker on the unlined side.  

I had them tape their pi-ku poems to the dry erase board in groups by class period for judging.  

First Hour's Pi-kus 

3rd Hour's Pi-Kus

Here are a few that jumped out at me.

Love that this one is pi day themed!

When one of the students figured out that my husband was going to be the judge, they went for the kangaroo theme.

This one was creative!

5th Hour Pi-kus

This one was written by the same student who wrote a poem rhyming exponents with blue bonnets.

Here's another student trying to get the attention of my husband.  If you're not aware Macca's is what they call McDonald's in Australia.

Syllables aren't quite right on this one...

I thought that this student had messed up on the syllables for the first line.  Then, my husband reminded me that a lot of students pronounce my name as "Miss Carter" instead of "Mrs. Carter."

This one just confuses me.

6th Hour Pi-kus

So sad...

This one, too.


You smell like shoes.

This one would be perfect if we moved the words around a bit. :)

Love the donut 'o' on this one!

So, there you have it.  Pi-kus 2017.  Already looking forward to pi day next year!


  1. I love this! I may have to used this as a bell-ringer activity tomorrow (I totally forgot it was Pi day until about halfway through the day).

  2. In addition to my 4 algebra classes, I also teach a class of English language development (ELD). SInce all of my students are Vietnamese (except 2), and my ELD class is high level, this may be something for a short time in class. :-)

    Thanks for the idea!

  3. Thank you for the awesome idea, Sarah. The pi-kus were a huge hit in my classes. Some students event extended their Pi-kus beyond 3-1-4.

    1. I never would have thought about expanding them. Brilliant!