Math = Love: When Math and Yarn Collide

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

When Math and Yarn Collide

My in-laws are currently in America, so Shaun and I have been taking them to do various tourist-y things.  Last Saturday, we made a stop at Philbrook in Tulsa.  My favorite display was a site specific art installation created by HOTTEA.  

It's just strands of yarn (in 83 different colors!), but it's so much more than that at the same time.    

Shaun and I were both captivated by the display, and our conversation soon turned to how much math must have been required to put something like this together.

We weren't the only people mesmerized by this art display.  People were snapping photo after photo of the art display from different angles!

The museum had a television set up that showed a time lapse video of the display being hung.  I stopped and watched the video.  Then, I watched the entire video AGAIN because it was so cool!  Here's a link to the time lapse video.  It's only a minute and a half long, and I believe it's time well spent!

So, what math questions could you ask about this display?

And, more importantly, who wants to help me build something similar in my classroom for next year?  #onlyhalfkidding


  1. Saw this other post today and it reminds me of this art.
    They used flagging tape instead of yarn.

  2. So cool! (Did you know I crochet and sew?) I'd definitely say you should try for a smaller-scale one for your classroom! A summer project? Maybe we should meet halfway between Oklahoma and Indiana and work on it...

  3. Inquiring minds need to know what keeps the yarn from tanglin. Without a weight at the end of each strand, I'd assume that the yarn would blow in the slightest wind current. Anyone who works with yarn knows that sometimes its whole purpose seems to be to create knots and tangles.

    1. It is indoors. I can't imagine what it would look outside in the wind!